The Start of Something Beautiful

  By: The Parent Advocators “The Parent Advocators was started when we as parents took a stand for our children’s education. We are parents working to empower other parents to assure their child receives the best education possible. Taking what we’ve done and seen as a real success to the next level of educating parents and showing them how to demand a high-quality education for all scholars. Taking it one state at… Read More

Black Male Educators of New Orleans: Brothers Empowered to Teach (BE2T)

  At “Brothers Empowered to Teach”, we recruit men of color—particularly black men to explore careers in education. We utilize a formula that tackles the two key factors keeping black men from such a path. As much as a 1/3rd of college-bound black men will drop out by their sophomore year. Of those who go on to graduate, the majority are not considering the teacher programs that are available because they either… Read More

I Understand and Support the Students at Bethune-Cookman University who Booed Betsy DeVos

So let me first start by saying that I am in full support of the reaction from the 2017 graduating class of Bethune-Cookman University for using their voices in the only way that received an immediate reaction, no matter how unfavorable it may have been. School President Edison Jackson felt differently and actually interrupted DeVos’ speech to admonish his students by saying, “ If this…behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to… Read More

Unionized in NOLA

Teachers at Mary Coghill Charter School chose union representation during a vote on May 19th.  United Teachers of New Orleans will be instrumental in contract negotiations for the teachers.   “We formed the union to ensure that we are able to facilitate learning in an environment where the policies implemented are impartial and are beneficial to student progress.” Read more here

If Your Child Needs Learning or Behavior Supports From School, You May Want to Think Twice About the Voucher System

    School Choice Means No Choice Depending on which side of the coin you stand on, the growing debate over school choice in America is either causing you a lot of celebration or a lot of concern.   And with 92% of students enrolled in charter schools in New Orleans, the debate over School Choice, which Education Secretary Betsy Devos is a strong proponent of, is worth taking a deeper dive… Read More

New Budget Plan Good for School Choice

Though funds will be cut for several areas in Trump’s education budget plan, charter schools and school vouchers will receive a substantial gain.  In the plan, $400 million will be dedicated to the expansion of school choice options. “The goal is to do away with neighborhood attendance zones that the administration says trap needy kids in struggling schools.” Read more here 

What’s up my _ _ _ _ _ _? Missing Teachable Moments in Education

A few weeks ago, a permanent substitute teacher, “Coach Ryan” at Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans, La. found himself in a very heated debate with a student about the use of the n-word. The student was adamant that the white teacher stopped saying it altogether and stated that it was ok for black people to use the word because when they do, it has a different meaning. The teacher called… Read More

TOPS Changes

  Legislators continue to discuss the distribution of TOPS for Louisiana students. While changes are expected for the program, many legislators simply want to ensure that money will be available for students when they need to access it. “It is virtually impossible for these students to access college without TOPS, and college will change their lives.” Read more here 

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Why some teachers don’t exactly appreciate it.

By Christalyn Solomon According to Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post, this Teacher Appreciation Week has left some teachers still feeling unappreciated. Teachers are usually given gifts of pencils, apples, and flowers. However, teachers are asking for more than gestures this year. What they want, according to Strauss is for their profession to be respected in a way that accepts educators as experts in their field. They want adequate funding for schools, decent pay,… Read More

It’s Your Choice

The Orleans Parish School Board is offering opportunities for residents to share opinions on potential opening and closing of schools in the area.  Two sessions are scheduled: May 8th and May 13th. Consultants recommended granting Audubon Charter a contract to expand. Read more here