Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Schools: Steps to Transformation

By Jada Monica Drew, MS The core of inequity is engulfed in fear and ignorance. We are socialized to avoid conversations about race, politics, and money. Yet, these topics are what makes our country vibrant in its diversity of people, perspective, place of origin and access to wealth. Talk more about these topics! In the United States of America, school systems, whether private or public, are facing the reality of changing demographics… Read More

Shifting the Nation in Education

The nation as a whole is being charged with the responsibility of school accountability.  Agreement on how to succeed in this area, however, are few and far between. “ESSA requires states to report much more detailed information about their schools, including teacher quality, discipline data, and school spending habits.” Read more here

Celebrating King, Chavez, and Local Leaders

Ashé Cultural Arts Center’s luncheon, held on Friday, was a gathering place for local leaders to reflect on the legacy of King and Chavez. Jo Ann Minor, Ashé’s Associate Director of Operations and Administration, summed up the luncheon perfectly in her concluding remarks: “How wonderful to be inspired by the lives of Dr. King and Cesar Chavez. How wonderful to be inspired by each other.” The event was a reminder of our… Read More

MLK & The Beautiful Struggle

  Delivery of ‘The Dream’ is part of all of our lives. The Dream offers the ultimate level of inclusion for each and every one of us. Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or orientation, we all are part of the vision Dr. King so vividly imagined and portrayed to us with his dynamic spoken word. As I researched and studied the man who had the vision for The Dream, I discovered the… Read More

Money for Buses

Students attending Einstein Charter are paying upwards of $90 for transportation costs to and from the school for their children to attend. They are protesting as they seek a remedy to the lack of free transportation. “I could be using that money to buy them books or stuff that they actually need, rather than for just going to school.” Read more here

Held Back in NOLA

Over the course of their educations, approximately 40% of New Orleans students have been retained at least one year.  Required retention may soon be a thing of the past. “There’s so much shame attached to it. Students constantly tell me, ‘I want to be at my right grade,’” said Jerel Bryant, Carver’s principal. “It’s a huge thing.” Read more here

How Can I Become a Parent Advocate?

By Cheryl Kirk It’s no secret, that as parents, we are our children’s biggest and best advocates. The phrase parent advocate can be a bit overwhelming for parents. We have so many things to do and places to be, it’s easy to think we can’t be PTA president or room mom, but there are so many ways to advocate for your child. My youngest son has struggled with his transition from elementary… Read More

Dreams Yet to Be Fulfilled

With the new year here, there is an opportunity to reflect on what we accomplished in 2017 and what remains to be done to advance educational equity in 2018. It is also fitting that the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday always starts off the new year. The legacy of this great leader fills us with a renewed hope and energy for what we might accomplish in the year ahead, and also provides… Read More