Revoking Vouchers: A House is Not a Home

Protecting the rights of people to have affordable housing is something Community Journalist, Lamont Douglas believes in. Check out his video.

Black Panther is an Imagination Renewed

We live in a world that generally has us functioning at a mile a minute and thrusting upon us the desire for instant gratification from issues that we have been enduring for awhile. The stop and go, “I needed it yesterday” and “how soon can I have that” mentality has found many of us lost and confused with the demand of this energy-draining society. Subscribing to the hectic pace of this world… Read More

Black History Month Spotlight

Let’s Celebrate Black History Month! But Then What’s Next…

  February 2018 is a great time to be black in New Orleans. If you have any exposure to media outlets, you’d likely agree there is an infectious positive energy associated being with being black, especially right here in New Orleans. In addition to the recurring celebration of Black History Month, and the local celebrations of Mardi Gras, which in the city’s black culture, significantly honors the Zulu Club, Nomtoc Club and… Read More

In Love with Another Man…

By Marlena Little I’ve been in love with Black Panther since before I can remember, waaay before this weekend!  Believe it or not, I’m a comic book nerd. I was first introduced to comics as a third grader attending a predominantly-white “gifted center/school”where children from all over the Chicago-land area were taught. It was nothing to see all my classmates, girls and boys, reading and exchanging comics over lunch, recess, and every… Read More

Black History Month Fact

Black History in New Orleans

New Orleans celebrates Black History at various locations in the city.  From Treme to Tulane University, you won’t have to look far to find yourself immersed in the rich Black culture of the city.  It is important to teach our children about Black History Month and to be lifelong learners ourselves.  Explore and enjoy! Read more here

Black Women- Backbone, Heart and Soul

By Gary Hardie Black women didn’t just start coming to the rescue in 2017, saving US Senate races. They have a long-standing history of being the backbone, heart, and soul of movements, revolutions, and shaping history. The cliché, “Behind every successful man is a strong woman,” could not be more accurate for black women. We don’t have to travel far through history to find examples of this. Michelle Obama was the most… Read More

Donald Trump Is Proof That White Kids Need More Black History

By Justin Cohen Was it only just one year ago that we learned President Donald Trump didn’t really have any idea who Frederick Douglass was? After making comments at a Black History Month celebration, the contents of which suggested he thought Douglass might still be alive, the internet’s condemnation was swift. David A. Graham of The Atlantic was direct, if diplomatic, when he pointed out that, “Trump’s comments point to the superficiality… Read More

Black History Month Fact