What’s in a School Mission? A Look into New Orleans’ Collegiate Academies Promise of College Success to its Students and Families

  The mission: CA builds world-class public schools that prepare all students for college success and lives of unlimited opportunity. “College isn’t for everyone!” Or is it? No matter which side you stand on, the promise of preparation for college is one that Ben Marcovitz, CEO of Collegiate Academies, and his school leaders and staff plan to keep to the students and families they serve within the city of New Orleans.  … Read More

Happy Father’s Day: How a Father Impacts a Black Boy’s Education

by David McGuire Many would argue that a great school, quality teachers, and a well-rounded curriculum are the most important factors to educating a black boy. They wouldn’t be wrong in arguing these points. All of which are important; however, one factor that seems always to be neglected from the argument is the role and the importance a father plays in the education of that black boy. Many black boys grow up in… Read More

The Cautionary Tale of a White Supremacist Principal

The story of a white supremacist principal in charge of a charter school whose student body is mostly African-American is the kind of horror story that sits with me. It’s the kind of story that requires some time and analysis to move through the layers of the question of how this happened. In the past few weeks, I’ve read through news stories and commentaries about Nicholas Dean, the principal of Crescent Leadership… Read More

I am Woman. I am an African American Muslim. I am an Educator. An Interview with Mariam Ogunsanya

Mariam Ogunsanya is a Nigerian born, Maryland raised teacher who has taught Math Essential Skills at Abramson Sci Academy in New Orleans for the last two years. With a younger sister who required early supportive services to manage Autism, Mariam saw first hand the power of intervention and was driven to narrow her teaching focus on special education.   Even more unique than her area of interest is that Mariam is an… Read More

5 Suggestions on how Teachers Can Stay Sharp During the Summer

By  David McGuire Last week I wrote an article about ways parents can prevent the summer slide for their students. Summer slide is not only isolated to students, but teachers can also suffer from the “Summer Slide.” Here are five things teachers can do this summer to stay sharp. 1. Read: The same message we give to kids about reading teachers must do the same thing. Often for teachers during the school year, you do… Read More

‘Take Em Down Nola’ is Ed Reform at its Finest

  If you think “Take Em Down Nola” is just about monuments, then allow me to broaden your thoughts on the importance of the history that was just made. It is not a coincidence that the movement was spearheaded by a group of dedicated and creative educators who have succeeded in fulfilling one of the greatest acts in education ever. The collaboration of ‘K-16’ educators is something that is dreamed of by… Read More

5 Tips for Summer College Prep for Millennials

By: Mendell Grinter As the summer season sets in and the last high school graduates walk across the stage, we all remain hopeful for new experiences that the fall season and the start of a new school year will bring. For most graduating seniors, the thrill and exhilaration of high school graduation will wane as the summer break concludes while eagerness and possible anxiety will commence as you await the beginning of your… Read More

Black People Support Vouchers, Black Leaders Don’t. Who’s Right?

At times, black people, like any group battered and oppressed by the state, may celebrate any perception of forward motion. Folks scour social media pages to see who has what appointment, what political power is being amassed, and what black person has been newly elected. Although I strongly believe in the need for more representation and more political action, unfortunately, too often, having black people in positions of power—especially politicians—does not necessarily… Read More

This is Why We Do What We Do…No Questions Asked

  By: The Parent Advocators “Believe In Yourself as a Parent. NO ONE knows your child better than YOU. You have been there since their first BREATH. There is NO better ADVOCATE for their needs.” Many have been wondering why we do what we do and how successful do we truly believe this will be. Well, let us break it down for you. We started out fighting for a high-quality education for… Read More

Unionized in NOLA

Teachers at Mary Coghill Charter School chose union representation during a vote on May 19th.  United Teachers of New Orleans will be instrumental in contract negotiations for the teachers.   “We formed the union to ensure that we are able to facilitate learning in an environment where the policies implemented are impartial and are beneficial to student progress.” Read more here