Yes! to School Taxes

Three property taxes were renewed in New Orleans recently.  The taxes help to ensure school employee salaries, as well as supplies. Voters again backed a 1.55-mill tax funds textbooks, library books, instructional equipment, and materials. The district expects this millage to generate $5.7 million annually. Read more here

The Race Has Begun: Lake Forest Charter School Begins their 2017-2018 Enrollment

Despite the criticism Lake Forest Charter School has received over the years for being one of the few public schools with selective enrollment, it isn’t stopping New Orleans’ parents from trying to claim a stake in the city’s school choice melee.   As described in an article from The Times Picayune which focused attacking the city’s only three selective-enrollment schools (now only two with Audubon Charter now an open-enrollment school), ‘these three… Read More

Confederate flags in the educational environment

Following the August events in Charlottesville and an ongoing nationwide discourse about confederate monuments, there has also been a quiet groundswell of movement happening around the issue of confederate flags in schools. Recent news reports have included community discourse around a rash of racial incidents in Pennsylvania, racial tensions at a high school football game caused by students displaying the flag in Colorado, and a number of schools and districts across the… Read More

The Rising Cost of TOPS

A TOPS task force has been formed to study the issue of rising program costs.  TOPS pays for tuition for qualified students. “Boutte’s figures show that TOPS costs have risen because of increases in tuition, the number of TOPS recipients and the movement of students between award levels and schools.” Read more here

The Waiting Game

Three dozen charter schools are waiting on a decision by the Louisiana Supreme Court on the constitutionality of charter school funds.  Parents and students must be prepared to make decisions about the court’s ruling. “We don’t want anyone to feel panic.  We are very positive that our students will have an opportunity to choose an appropriate place for their education.” Read more here

Columbus Day is coming and I just can’t

By Tanzi West Barbour Monday is a holiday for some. According to the calendar, it’s Columbus Day. Thinking about this day as someone who is part Native American, and its historical context reminded me of a conversation I had with one of my son’s teachers at the beginning of this school year concerning the social studies objectives for the class. “It’s all focused on European history,” I told him. “Where is his history?”… Read More

College or Bust? Ed Reformers Should Offer More Choices.

  This blog was sparked by an article from the Hechinger Report, After Decades of Pushing Bachelor’s Degrees, U.S. needs more Tradespeople.  Reading this article made me subsequently begin my mind to churning and thinking about the way I have seen education play out over the recent years. Let’s just be practical about this debate. Among almost all of us, we know a handful of people who owe student loans whether they… Read More

Brandon Caples is in the Game

  Brandon Caples is a twenty-something Orleans Parish public schools graduate who represents the next generation of education advocate. He is a millennial who is just breaking into the field of education justice, working with whatever organization he can to get the work done. He wants every child to get the best education available, and he’s willing to play his part in making this happen.  In fact, he reminds me of when… Read More

Big Money for Literacy

Louisiana will receive $55.5 million for literacy programs for students who are in need of more assistance.  The money will be distributed over the course of three years and will focus on literacy from birth through grade 12. “The ability to read is crucial to a young student’s eventual success. Funding literacy programs like these and taking other legislative action, which includes addressing dyslexia, will help students reach their full potential.” Read… Read More

School Choice Sacrifices

School choice often brings very early school mornings that begin with long bus rides.  Despite the sacrifice of sleep and extended travel time to school, the payoff is quite often worth it for many parents and students.  For other parents, it can prove to be challenging if they want their children to attend closer schools that happen to be high-demand schools. “I’ve seen many times we’ve come out here to the bus… Read More