A Young Woman’s Right To Speak

At the very least, I remember school as a nurturing place that works along with home to instill the foundation that a young person needs to function in life. Schools should mirror home and reinforce the positive life building lessons that we learn as well as nurture our personal growth all within a space that we all feel protected in. At times, many of our youth blossom from the experience and the… Read More

Let’s Talk About Activism!

Activism is Necessary for Balance; Balance is Necessary for Activism

Activism is defined as a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. Before learning the specific term “activism,” it’s been known that blacks have historically positioned themselves as activists within our communities in the United States.  Activism isn’t limited to race and it seeks its place among communities all over the world. Every figure and leader who has… Read More

Our Youth: Author of Their Own Story & Conductors of Their Own Train

I remember Officer Friendly and McGruff the crime dog from my elementary school years. He was a white man the police department had in a community service position to come around to schools and engage with children. I never feared him at all. Then, there was McGruff the crime dog who implored us to “Take A Bite Out of Crime.” These two figures who represented the police force were not intimidating, intrusive,… Read More


“Following her July 2016 arrest during a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge in response to the killing of Alton Sterling. @BlairImani began using her voice on a national stage as a commentator, speaker, and social media presence.”


Abi Mbaye: How to Survive Being Black at a Southern Ivy League School

Recently, a Black Yale student who was questioned by police for napping in a common space told the police, “I’m not going to justify my existence here.” And yet, so many students of color find themselves having to do that on a daily basis. In New Orleans, Abi Mbaye’s story highlights the challenges students of color face when they transition into predominantly white spaces, especially a prestigious college. Abi grew up in… Read More

Wayfinder Foundation Launches First Fellowship Cohort in Indianapolis and Los Angeles

Now more than ever, activists have a critical role to play in shaping the future of our country and its public policies. A new program, launched this week, is cultivating the next generation of voices in communities of color around the country. By doing so, the Wayfinder Foundation is creatively finding new ways to support activists through its Community Activist Fellowship. Starting  June 1, fourteen fellows in Indianapolis, Indiana and Los Angeles,… Read More

Attending a Community College Does NOT Mean you are a Failure

Because my mother’s highest education level was high school along with a few certifications here and there, I viewed college as the only way to make a way – a different way rather,  a better way. I never even considered the idea of attending a junior or community college. But, in the humblest of spirits, I also never struggled academically throughout my school years. Academics was always something where I excelled and… Read More

Choice. What Choice?

In a school district that has the most charter schools in the nation, and the most children in charter schools, school choice was dealt a severe blow this week when the parents of students attending Cypress Academy were told the school would be closing for good only three days before school ends for the year. Additionally, students and families were informed that the student body would be transferred automatically to Lafayette Extension… Read More