It’s Time for Us to Buy Back the Block

By Lorraine Gil What’s not to love about New Orleans? The architecture, music, food, genuine love received by locals captivates me and reminds me of the island my parents come from. The colors of the homes, the horns in the streets, and joy of the people is something I feel in my core when walking through the French Quarters. There is no doubt the spirit of New Orleans lives in the people. Still… Read More

How Implicit Bias Showed Up in La. School Discipline Legislation

  The recent defeat of a school discipline bill in the Louisiana legislature was a lesson in how implicit bias plays out not just in our classrooms but in the statehouse as well.  We already know that children of color are disparately impacted by suspensions and some studies conclude that implicit bias is likely a reason for the disparity. Implicit bias is when positive or negative attitudes affect our decisions and actions… Read More

OneApp didn’t give me the school I wanted. I still believe it’s a good system.

This article was first published on By Rameisha Johnson I got the text as I was pulling into my driveway after work: My school choice results were available to view in OneApp, New Orleans’ universal enrollment system. I’d been waiting all week for them, refreshing the EnrollNOLA website at random intervals. Already prepared, I logged in, followed the links and, suddenly, felt like someone dropped a piano onto my car. My… Read More

So Teachers are kissing students now?

Yesterday, a teacher, Matthew Nesser, at Edward Hynes Charter School was booked on one count of indecent behavior with a juvenile. The allegations in this case, which took place in my own city of New Orleans, are sickening and as a father, hard to stomach. This grown man is accused of rubbing this young 14 year old student’s back, kissing her repeatedly, and buying her gifts such as jewelry, chocolate, and cards for… Read More

Talking Education with ‘Entertainment’ Tonight Reporter Nischelle Turner

On January 13, 2017 I had the great pleasure of interviewing one of the hosts of Entertainment Tonight, Nischelle Turner. In the wake of ET’s Fourth Emmy win I’d like to share it again in celebration of their big victory. I visited Los Angeles last week and had the chance to sit down with Entertainment Tonight host Nischelle Turner. As we know, Los Angeles attracts people from all over the country and… Read More

83 Choices!

Darrin Francois, A high school senior at the International High School of New Orleans was accepted to 83 colleges this year. Francois has also been offered close to $3 million in scholarship funding, Fox 8 reported. The 17-year-old told the news station he is happy people want him to attend their schools. Read more here

What You Never Realized You Were Teaching Your Child About Grit & Resilience: MIT Study Captures Techniques That Work for Babies as Young as 13 Months

This article was first posted on the By Kate Stringer Even at MIT, no one’s been able to create a computer as powerful as the brain of a baby. “They’re better at doing this fast learning from one or two examples than any computer algorithm we have right now,” MIT graduate student Julia Leonard said. “That’s a big interest here — everyone’s like, ‘We want a computer to learn like a… Read More

The lack of quality seats and a strategic plan is hurting New Orleans students

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog that criticized the OneApp system in New Orleans and also highlighted the dismay felt by many parents around the city whose children had yet to be matched to a school, had been placed in a school across town, were matched to a school that was not one of their choices or placed in a school that has subpar grades. Parents were also given directives to… Read More

279 Handwritten Notes over 10 hours with 1 Goal

This Baton Rouge Principal wanted to ease the minds of his young scholars during standardized testing with a simple note of encouragement. “I try to build a relationship with them and understand their uniqueness, so when I wrote those notes I wanted to acknowledge that about them first and then say to them good luck this week!” Read more here

Twitter Chat: Lets talk about Gentrification