Students and families in New Orleans have done the hard work of rebuilding and reforming education post Hurricane Katrina and this makes them the real heroes of education reform. They have done the work day in and day out to create student achievement and here are some of their voices. Join the second line and share your #RealHeroesNOLA story.

“When parents register I make sure there are documents in their native language and help them find services in and outside of school. If they’re Hispanic families and are newcomers I ask if they need clothing or school supply assistance. I direct them to our school social worker and translate for them. Once our kids are here I form relationships with them and their families. I help make it more comfortable for them to have open communication if case they have issues becoming acclimated to the school. If they need resources I visit churches on their behalf and do home visits. If the children need tutoring I tutor them afterschool or on my free time. I basically take the kids and their parents and make them my own family. Our relationship is such that if they need something they come to me.”

Sparkle Fuentez – Dwight D. Eisenhower Academy of Global Studies

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“Molding successful students isn’t a career, it’s a commitment and a collaboration. Education and its intricate policies are an “adult” problem of sorts that warrants the utmost attention of teachers and parents alike. We (teachers and parents) must remain committed to holding our students to the highest expectations because we are working for them. That alone commands nothing less than ALL that we have to offer.”

Sade Jackson – 5th grade math teacher and Teach NOLA

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“As a parent, you are your child’s best advocate. It’s vital to establish positive relationships with your child’s educators and stay as visible as possible in all aspects of your child’s educational experiences. These things must be done to ensure a successful outcome.”

Angelle Cresswell – mother of three

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“As their grandmother I help their mother establish structure and routine for the boys to be able to be productive at school. They do homework as soon as they come home and have a set bedtime at 8pm. They know their place as learners and children in their house, we have expectations of them.”

Troy Simms – grandmother of three

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