What Is the True Purpose of the Congressional Black Caucus?

This past week I, along with a group of parents, attended the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. This was my first time attending, so I was excited for the opportunity to express my concerns as a parent regarding the education of my child and other children across the U.S.

Once we arrived at the education sessions on our first day, my opinion quickly turned negative and had me wondering, “What is the true purpose of the Congressional Black Caucus?” In my opinion they care nothing about what the people they’re supposed to be serving and protecting have to say.

When it comes the education of kids across the U.S., parents should be the first voice heard — not someone else making decisions on behalf of our kids. Children’s education should mean more than what price comes with it. As parents, our voice is the most valuable when it comes to our kids’ education.

The experience of the Black Caucus wasn’t what we expected. In our minds we knew this would be the time to voice our educational concerns to a national audience, to let them how important the education of our kids is to us.

When we stepped into the convention center the vibe was very different from what we initially thought it would be. When parents began to introduce themselves and tell their story, it was as if parents should not be allowed into this type of forum – that we should be seen and not heard.

How can you make a decision on behalf our children across America and not try to hear the people who have the most invested into these little lives? We as parents entrust our most precious jewels to the hands of educators daily; now, to be pushed away, was the ultimate disrespect.

Do the national leaders we elect to make education a priority truly care about our kids? My answer from this experience is NO. Money and power is what tops the minds of most of them. These leaders don’t send their kids to public schools, so they could never say they truly understand what our own low- income kids face day to day. It breaks my heart to know my little ones, along with millions of little ones across the nation, will never be of value to these individuals.

It’s now time for parents everywhere to finally say enough is enough and demand equity for our kids. Our kids deserve the best education and people to represent them who have their best interest first, and that would be the parents and guardians who care for them daily.

We must not sit back and just let anything happen to our kids that we don’t allow. Unite to take back our schools and our kids. Unite to get one voice and a united front.

Who says we can’t speak? It’s our right and our kids’ right to not allow the system to fail our children any more. The Black Caucus proved to me that if we don’t stand up and demand a change, the system and leaders in charge will fail our kids.

This is the new generation who will take over this world in the years to come. We must make sure they’re prepared and given the opportunity to succeed. My life mission is to make sure the educational platform is fit and promising for our youth.

Next year the parents will be attending and stronger than ever. This experience has put a fire in us that will not be extinguished. Our kids lives matter!

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