A Promising Start

The students of Andrew H.Wilson had a very difficult and trying school year last year. But with InspireNOLA Charter Schools taking over this school year, parents felt confident their students  could reach their potential.

The difference was clear even before this school year started, with an orientation where parents could feel the excitement of the CEO, administration and the entire staff and see a facelift that gave the school a new look inside and out. Inspirational quotes filled the school halls.

Every staff member was willing to answer any question. If they didn’t know the answer they were eager to find out the answer. The orientation was an all-day event that was broken up into the different academies. By the end of orientation visitors had a sense of how invested InspireNOLA was in this school, and how the school year would be organized in terms of  structure, discipline and culture.

After the school year started, the students attended staggered days for the different academies–  primary, elementary and middle school. Each academy went into the school eager to see what was about take place. The students were given a day to meet the leaders, teachers and entire staff. They learned how their day schedule  would go and how to walk the halls and how to teach everyone with respect.

InspireNOLA didn’t want the kids to be completely shocked with all of the changes they would see, compared to their old school.

The first day of school myself and a couple other parents had the opportunity to witness the students’ reaction and excitement to be back in their new and improved building. I could see and feel the change. It felt like school. Kids listening, not running or using bad language. You could tell they were ready to learn. As a parent I felt overwhelmed with joy. I couldn’t stop smiling . Just knowing all of the greatness that was about to take place.

InspireNOLA has opened doors of opportunities for the student body and parents. They listen to the wants and needs of our “wolfpack.” They reward them for doing great things and being great people with a weekly event called PBIS (also known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). The older students must get a certain amount of signatures from the staff to participate. The younger kids have to be on “green” (good behavior) all week to participate.

With the first quarter ending, we’ve celebrated some milestones — a successful parent teacher conference night, a breakfast for the honor roll students with a huge turnout of parents and guardians, a first-time-ever homecoming court and parade, and a newly elected Student Council.

The New Orleans Saints just donated top-of-the-line exercise equipment for the school gym and the school also opened a new technology center.
As a parent, I’m looking forward to a celebration of all these accomplishments at the upcoming Family Night of Inspiration, held next week with jazz musician Kermit Ruffins as featured entertainment. It will be a chance for the entire community to see the great things that are taking place at the school. Please join us.

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