How to Play the Political Game: Putting the Interest of Kids First

Education is so political and all about personal gain. The only time representatives come around to speak to parents is election time—and when I say come around, I mean they make appearances at schools their friends’ children attend.

It’s a struggle to make sure your child receives the best education possible when they are in public schools.

Why is it that individuals who don’t have any ties with public schools, or to our city, are the ones who are asked for their opinions on what our kids want and need?

We have charter management organizations (CMOs) that are not local claiming to know what our kids are lacking. CMOs comprise of businessmen with no experience in education.

State and district representatives make deals that are not in the best interest of children. The deals only benefit them.

Children are being neglected by the ones you think have their best intentions. School board members do not listen to the complaints of staff and parents.

What amazes me more are claims that parents aren’t involved enough in their children’s education. But if politicians really want to hear from us, all they have to do is visit schools and set up meetings to talk to parents. Better yet, they should attend a school’s parent teacher organization during one of their monthly meetings.

As a parent or guardian, member of the community, or teacher, who do you trust to make sure your voice will be heard?

Parents can’t expect others to act in their best interests. They have to do the work themselves.

We have to become smart about media, to reach out to any and all media outlets while staying professional. Don’t back down no matter what.

Parents have to learn how to play the political game and be better at that game than elected officials. Be persistent and doors will open.

This is a long process. It will not happen overnight. Parents should not lose hope.

They should always stay engaged with the school’s administration and make sure that their presence is known. Build relationships with all levels of personnel. Doing so, parents can stay informed when something is going on, good or bad.

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