We Must Not Give Up

Would you give up on your child? Would you allow anyone to hurt them? Are they less important than the next child in the next state?

Of course, we as parents would never give up on our most precious gifts. Our children help save us from the hardest times in our lives, so wouldn’t we save them from their hardest times? Children have been made to be the most controversial issue in America. When did the education of our children become a gamble?

Parents must show up and hold leaders accountable. We shouldn’t fight against each other, but band together on behalf of our children. It will require parents taking a truly hands on approach to assure the proper steps are in place to get results needed for the advancement of our children. Certain leaders have failed our children and primarily our minority children.

Social and economic status have also played a significant role in the failure of our children. Many people in our city live below poverty level and as a result, it has affected the educational status in our city and many places across the United States. It’s our responsibility as parents to remind our children that despite who you are or where you come from, your ability to succeed and learn can never be taken away.

Our children must realize that they have so many people fighting and rooting for them. Many of our youth fall to the side because they never believe anyone has their back. Their biggest fans should always be their parents. I sit and speak to kids and listen to their stories and I have come to realize a lot of them have so much brilliance in them, but won’t let it shine due to the lack of a support system or their home lives.

I can remember growing up as a child and never having to carry the weight of anything adult-related on my shoulders. Unfortunately, many of our kids are carrying the burden of many adult issues. Many act as parents to younger siblings or working to support their families, which means they’re leaving school before they’re actually ready to be adults. Life for many of our children is a daily struggle and they must know they have someone who will not give up on them.

We as adults must learn to set aside our own agendas in the education world and put our children first. Meetings are constantly being held and when you leave, you sit and wonder if what was said is truly how someone feels or a speech that sounds great for the moment. I’ve sat through several of these meetings and it’s the speech being said over and over. We always hear that our children are number one and a parent’s voice is the best voice, but children are still being valued as dollar signs and parents are still being treated as if they don’t matter.

We must stand as a united front and take these issues seriously and stop allowing anything to happen to our children. No one can stop you from voicing your concern. We need to start demanding that our children get the best education they deserve. Many people forget the true meaning of education and just collect a paycheck.

Ask yourself again if you would you give up on your children; it should always be never and you should never allow these educators to give up on them as well.

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