The True Understanding of What We’re Fighting For


Does anyone truly know what we are fighting for? This is a really important question to ask yourself daily. If not only educators and leaders, but also parents and guardians asked themselves regularly, then our children would always be the first priority. No matter what your position is, children should always be the first thing you fight for.

Our children need to know they’re worth fighting for. It takes more than just walking into a school building Monday through Friday, at times it also goes beyond the classroom. Sometimes the fight needs to be taken outside of the building and into the streets and offices of people elected to high positions. Many people who are on the frontlines for our children get the most criticism because positive fighting gets the most negative responses. The negative always gets the most attention.

Don’t get me wrong, harmful acts should be brought to light so it can be dealt with accordingly and parents know what’s being done on behalf of their children, but we shouldn’t overlook what great things are being done to better the lives of our children.

Many educators and parents are fighting to assure children have what they deserve, whether it be traveling the country meeting different people, hosting meetings in their city, writing articles and blog posts, or teaching in classrooms  making sure children walk away knowing they’ve learned and absorbed all they could in that day’s work.

Many times people feel the same topic is being discussed over and over.

I will say for myself that yes, I will continue to speak on it as often as I feel  the need to.

When it comes to my children and children all over, I will never give up the fight and will constantly speak on this topic until things change and people wake up and face what’s being done to our children. Keeping problems in schools swept under the rug will not assure my children and countless others will have the proper preparation to one day run not only the city of New Orleans but this country.

We are doing an injustice to our children as long as we continue to allow this fight to not be fought. Parents should be on the frontlines forcing education to be a top priority. Being silent in times when you must be as vocal is not the way to go. I have lived this firsthand when it comes to the type of education I knew my children and their classmates deserved, we parents couldn’t just sit back and not take a stand.

I’ve had various opportunities to speak with people in education on many different levels and I have come to realize we have a long and hard battle ahead of us. Many of them leave you sitting with your mouth open because you can’t believe what they’re saying when it comes to education. You would never think the education of our children could be so political. I challenge all parents and guardians to get involved and read about what’s going on in your local schools and get involved in any way possible to be the true fighter for your children.

Join us in this fight. We are truly powerful in large numbers and we need as many soldiers as possible to hold everyone accountable for what’s being done to and for our children. They can’t stop us in forcing change and a new path forward.

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