Say What!?

  Joe Bouie, former chancellor at SUNO, has gained a Louisiana legislative seat which he is using to attack charter schools.  As a matter of control, Bouie and the backers of John Bel Edwards are more interested in making it virtually impossible for new charter schools to open simply because they cannot control them.  Disagreeing with Bouie on the linkage of Louisiana’s charter schools to previous state-backed experiments, chair of the House Education Committee… Read More

Gone Too Soon….

This past weekend New Orleans lost a very important man due to senseless violence. Ex Saints player, Will Smith, New Orleans very own adopted hometown hero. Father, Husband, Son and friend was shot to death last Saturday night after spending time with his beautiful wife and friends at dinner. What started as a fender bender lead to the fatal shooting of Smith and injuring his wife, Raquel. Words cannot express how the… Read More

The Frustration Is Real

Education has become a topic of real concern and frustration. It’s very difficult to discuss without getting pissed off at how our children’s lives are being gambled with. The daily conversations I have with others add more fuel to the fire because everyone’s story is a unique, but I hear the same problem again and again. It angers me when I realize the disadvantages our children face daily and how they will… Read More