The Frustration Is Real

Education has become a topic of real concern and frustration. It’s very difficult to discuss without getting pissed off at how our children’s lives are being gambled with. The daily conversations I have with others add more fuel to the fire because everyone’s story is a unique, but I hear the same problem again and again.

It angers me when I realize the disadvantages our children face daily and how they will never get all they deserve as long as the system that is in place now continues. It brings tears to your eyes knowing that in many instances education is used for personal gain. To use children as a stepping stone to personal achievement is an ultimate low.

I’ve witnessed firsthand and have also heard stories of how this happens daily. Many times it’s heart breaking and humiliating to witness. To cheat our children of a promising future is nothing less than disrespect. How can someone continue to make discussions that they know harm our children?

Our children, particularly our African-American children, already have stigmas against them, so instead of fighting to show how they can and will succeed, those making decisions push them further into a hole.

Often we see on the news how educators are often getting into legal trouble due to trying to use our children for financial, personal or political gain. You’re left shaking your head, yet it’s sad when things don’t shock you because it happens so often and frequently. Of course those people have to face punishment, but our children end up suffering the most. That’s one less person in the building or classroom and it’s more proof of the lack of care for our children. It’s very discouraging to see the negativity surrounding our children and the schools here in New Orleans.

When will this vicious cycle end? When will educators begin to listen to the frustration of parents and take this matter seriously? It’s time to make a change and truly put our children first.

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