Local Heroes:The Young Men of 504KidsLivesMatter

  “One phone call is all it takes, one phone call can make the difference between a kid making it or being lost to the block” -Logan Tillery   I honestly didn’t know what to expect but I knew it was time to put my money and time where my mouth was because actions speak louder than words. So on a Saturday morning, I took part in a Zumba fundraiser for #504KidsLivesMatter… Read More

Health Encourages Learning

Healthy students are more likely to perform well in school. The Health and Education Alliance of Louisiana (HEAL) is working to ensure the health of students in some of the state’s poorest neighborhoods, such as Central City and Treme. Working with various professionals, including LSU School of Dentistry and Dental Hygiene, among many others; HEAL has made astounding strides for children.  “Since 2005, 30,000 health and education interventions have been accomplished on New… Read More

Want to Keep Your Teachers Engaged?

Although many students believe that their teachers have it easy, this is most often not the case. Like their students, teachers become bored, disenchanted with ever-evolving rules, and feel as though their hands are tied with regard to how to effectively teach their students.  Writer, activist and teacher, Pamela Lewis shared, “Many black and brown teachers are just as disengaged with our current school system as that of their students, and like many… Read More

NLRB Doesn’t Think Charters Are Public Schools

Last week, The Lens reported that lawyers for International High School of New Orleans (IHSNO) are challenging the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) claim of jurisdiction over their school. In May, NLRB held an election at IHSNO in which a majority (26-18) of teachers voted to form a union with the United Teachers of New Orleans (UTNO). It was the second union election NLRB held at a New Orleans charter school in as many weeks. On May 17th, teachers at Lusher Charter… Read More

We need to stop “grappling” with discipline inequities and start solving them

  Are we literally saying that we can’t handle our children? Are we creating our own utopian society schools? It seems as though we are assuming the role of an effective weed and feed. Weeding out the unwanted and undesirable class of students that we don’t want to deal with and teaching them is out of the question. There is a fierce national debate around suspensions and expulsions. This generally includes three… Read More

Quick Take: An All-New Low For The Louisiana Federation of Teachers

It has long been clear that the Louisiana Federation of Teachers (LFT) does not work in the best interests of students. After all, LFT has been on the wrong (and losing) side of several debates over past several years. They joined with Tea Party-aligned lawmakers in attempt to repeal Common Core. They have supported nearly every anti-charter school bill proposed in the legislature. And, LFT has repeatedly tried to weaken the state’s accountability system… Read More

When Kids Can’t Graduate: Stories of Rules Gone Bad

  Many of us have recently shared joyous graduation ceremonies with family and friends. We celebrated years of countless hours of studying, late night reading, tutoring and sacrifices to see our children walking across the stage in their cap and gown to receive their diplomas and awards. So it came as a great displeasure to me when I learned of educators who tried to stop students from enjoying a special day in… Read More

I Don’t Want “Pretty Good” Schools for My Child

The Times-Picayune recently published a detailed article on the complex admissions processes of New Orleans’ top charter schools—many of which create barriers for families who want to enroll. We talked to one New Orleans mom (who prefers to remain anonymous, because she hopes to get her child into one of the schools) about her experiences and perspective. “I moved to New Orleans in 2010 to get my Master’s from Tulane. My daughter stayed… Read More

Diversity Lost in New Orleans Schools

New Orleans schools have been at the forefront of education reform since the city and surrounding areas were devastated by Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago. The reform has led to a marked decrease in teachers of color and teachers who are New Orleans natives, despite the racial makeup of the schools in the area.  Unfortunately, this presents a disconnect between teachers and students and many students of color find themselves on the punitive… Read More

The Positivity of the Black Male Teacher Experience

Encouraging. Empowering. Inspiring. These are just a few characteristics of many Black male teachers within the country’s school systems and the gifts that they offer children in their classrooms. Black male teachers are low in number, as the majority of the teaching population is female and white; however, the presence of Black male teachers is beneficial for students of color and white students alike.  The scope of the Black male teacher is often… Read More