Diversity Lost in New Orleans Schools

New Orleans schools have been at the forefront of education reform since the city and surrounding areas were devastated by Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago. The reform has led to a marked decrease in teachers of color and teachers who are New Orleans natives, despite the racial makeup of the schools in the area.  Unfortunately, this presents a disconnect between teachers and students and many students of color find themselves on the punitive end of circumstances that may have been seen in pre-Katrina school years as things that could be handled without suspensions and expulsions.  Somewhat of an anomaly given the current statistics, native New Orleans resident Ravin Foster shared her views as a Black teacher witnessing white teachers in the city, “Some white teachers, however well-intentioned, were ill-equipped to handle the vast cultural gaps between themselves and their students. They often missed nuances in language and behavior. They became overly punitive when stressed.”

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