Inspired to Inspire Youth

Le’Kedra Robertson is a trailblazer and force in the city of New Orleans. She dedicates her time and attention to the city’s youth through her summer program, MIC Amped!, which is held at the Milne Inspiration Center. Robertson’s program positions students to learn about arts, culture, positivity, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and global connections and leadership.  Robertson shared, “I have always really wanted to introduce young people to the dream that my family had for me, of being able to be self-sufficient, being a solid leader, owning my voice of who I was as a young woman. I wanted to give that back to kids in New Orleans.”  The camp continues to thrive and 75 students are expected to be in attendance this summer.

To learn more about Le’Kedra Roberton and MIC Amped!, please visit: Central City resident teaches entrepreneurship, value of giving back

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