Want to Keep Your Teachers Engaged?

Although many students believe that their teachers have it easy, this is most often not the case. Like their students, teachers become bored, disenchanted with ever-evolving rules, and feel as though their hands are tied with regard to how to effectively teach their students.  Writer, activist and teacher, Pamela Lewis shared, “Many black and brown teachers are just as disengaged with our current school system as that of their students, and like many of the children that they teach, many will eventually drop out.” Lewis lists 5 ways to end the disengagement many Black teachers feel in their classrooms.  These suggestions include, being treated like assets to their respective schools and classrooms and having freedom to meet the holistic needs of their students who need more support than what the traditional curriculum affords them.


To read more, visit: It’s a school, not a plantation: Five ways to end black teachers’ disengagement in the classroom

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