Flood Victims: How We Can Help!

As I sit here typing I’m full of emotion. My heart is so heavy for the victims of this horrible flood. Living through Katrina and all the stress that came with that is something you just never get over. Now for some, they are reliving that same pain. I have a good friend that lost everything. A school teacher waiting to start the new year with her husband and two kids now have nothing. When I asked her what she needed aside from the obvious ( clothes, toiletries) she said “school supplies”. The fact that this woman who just lost EVERYTHING is talking about school supplies spoke volumes! I was blown away and I think she picked up on that because she told me “we as a community can not let this flood stop us from educating our children. Most of these parents have used their last on buying school supplies. Now they have to find the money to buy more as well as rebuild” I sat back for a second and thought about that. When Katrina hit, I had no kids. It was just me. I remember having to buy a lot of stuff because we couldn’t get back in the city for a good month. So I can only imagine having to take care of myself as well as my kids. That’s a lot!

New Orleans has their back. We are here for the flood victims and know how this feels. I’ve been seeing so many businesses collecting food/clothing/supplies. Many people who own boats are driving up there to help with the clean up and rescue! We will not let them down!  It makes me so proud to be from New Orleans.

If you want to help, NOLA.COM has listed a few places where you can make cash donations as well as drop off locations around the city.  Click here for more information.

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