NPR: Are Race and Charters Dividing Ed Reform?


The Black Lives Matter Movement has had an undeniable impact on America as a whole and that includes the ed reform community. With a controversial platform put out by the Movement for Black Lives and an NAACP backed moratorium on charter schools, it has been virtually impossible for any in education reform to avoid weighing in. NPR decided to speak to a wide swath of well known voices in the education debate and grouped them into the following categories: organizers, pro charter backers, union leaders, the old guard, pro-market reformers, and an urban superintendent.  Not suprisingly, their opinions reflect what many see as a growing divide within the education reform movement.

Some education leaders are rushing to embrace the newly frank conversation about the racial impact of education reforms. Others are caught awkwardly in the middle. And some — especially conservative — reformers feel alienated.

Read the full story here.

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