Are School Closures Really the Best Solution for Our Kids?

    As a parent, if you believed your child to be enrolled in a failing school, would you withdraw them? And if you did, using the city’s One-App process, how likely would it be that you would be lucky enough to get your child enrolled within your preferred school? A better school? I have been asking myself these questions since learning that two New Orleans schools, Algiers Technology Academy and Gentilly… Read More

This 9 Year Old Has Electric Power

Matilda Saulnier, a 9 year old dreamer, leader and future powerhouse in science and technology is part of a local nonprofit called Electric Girls. Electric Girls was designed to help young girls learn the fundamentals in programming and electronics. It makes me feel independent. It makes me feel strong, she said.  Girls just need to know that you can.  Read more:  ‘Girls just need to know that you can’: 9-year-old dreamer on STEM,… Read More

TOPS cut, time to scramble…

Will Sentell, of the Advocate writes about how thousands of students are reaching out to their parents for assistance as well as applying for loans and even applying for jobs due to state budget cuts. TOPS, which was once “politically untouchable assistance ” has been cut down. Now students are expected to come up with about 60% of their tuition on their own.   “TOPS is supposed to pay for tuition for… Read More

The Final 5

Danielle Dreilinger of the Times Picayune writes about how the last 5 OPSB schools have shown interest in becoming charter schools. “We welcome the opportunity to empower our network school leaders and their school communities to determine the best path forward and access to the same financial resources and operational autonomy as other schools in our city enjoy,” Lewis said in a statement. “I have full confidence in the leadership of our… Read More

College Dreams Dim Amidst Fears of Cuts to TOPS Program

  Our students can’t afford to lose out on financial assistance for college because the state has a budget problem. The hope of a bright future is a huge deal for teens during their high school years and the ability to pay for higher education is a big piece of that. It’s no surprise, then, that worry has gripped students and parents alike, as well as educators, since hearing about a potential… Read More

Big win for Two New Orleans HBCUs

Danielle Dreilinger of the Times Picayune writes about two local HBCUs — Dillard University and Xavier University — winning the College Pathways Pilot Project. The project is developed to strengthen the relationship between businesses and universities to help graduates transition into the workforce. “This is transformational for Dillard,” said Carretta Cooke, director of the university’s career development center. “For the first time, a program will connect our academic affairs and career services to… Read More

Strong Connections

Jim Mustian of The Advocate writes about Xavier University and New Schools of New Orleans joining forces in an unprecedented way to develop a program dedicated to educating and preparing college seniors to become public school teachers.  This first of its kind partnership between a charter school and an HBCU will be called the Norman C. Francis Teacher Residency and its mission is to diversify the teaching force in New Orleans Public Schools… Read More

Relationships Are Restorative

Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like. -Rita Pierson If you don’t listen, you don’t learn. And if you don’t learn, there are far fewer opportunities for success. Relationships are the foundation that drives anyone, including students, to want to listen and learn and this is particularly true of low income students of color. Despite all that we know about their importance, relationships between students and teachers continue to be undervalued… Read More