A Strong School Culture Relies on a Strong Principal


The feeling during the summer before a new school year begins is very different than the one felt by teachers and school staff the subsequent spring. But, despite the burnout and the frustration, someone needs to be the force that students and staff look to for both support and guidance. Someone needs to be the glue that holds all systems in place and keep them afloat.

That someone should be the Principal.

Much like the quarterback of a football team, when a school is performing well, the principal shines. However, when school culture struggles, it is the principal that parents and community members alike should look to for answers. I have watched school principals single-handedly shift from multiple roles within both academics and discipline to ensure that culture systems are maintained.

A report conducted by Shelly Habegger concluded that, “A positive school culture is the underlying reason why the other components of successful schools were able to flourish.”

Let’s face it, working within education is HARD WORK, no matter what the role is. Additionally, the pressure that weighs upon principals, especially in a city like New Orleans where school performance is always under a microscope, is heavy. But, rising to the occasion can make all the difference in student success and the professional development of the staffed employees.

To read more of Shelly Habegger’s report, click here

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