TOPS Priority, But What Gets Cut?

TOPS is likely to be fully funded for the next fiscal year, which would be a delight to student recipients.  However,  this leaves many wondering where the overall budget will be cut to make room for a fully-funded program. “You can’t do this without having deep cuts elsewhere. They’ve got to tell us where the cuts are going to come.” Read more here 

Are we listening to student voices when it comes to success in education?

Over the past few weeks, education circles have received more volume of information with a greater complexity than they probably were prepared for. The question yet to be answered is are people in the circles listening? For example, are school board members engaging the families they were elected to represent in education issues? More importantly, are any of us listening to the children of this education movement? We’re 12 years post-Hurricane Katrina… Read More

Still a Ways to Go

Bill Quigley, law professor and contributor to the Huffington Post, details the NAACP’s moratorium on New Orleans’ charter schools until ongoing issues have been addressed to better the school environment for all charter students.  Among problems with accountability and transparency, many students also voiced their opinions about being educated in the charter schools. “We really wanted to share what happens in our schools. How the few permanent teachers we have work so… Read More

You Don’t Have to Stay or Repay

State Senator Jay Luneau proposed SB 110, which would require recipients of the TOPS award to remain in Louisiana for a few years after graduation or be faced with the penalty of repaying.  While SB 110 would keep talent in Louisiana, it did not go over well with many of Luneau’s colleagues. “We’re the ones who caused the problem in the first place by not having a business climate that creates jobs… Read More

Feeling Abandoned

  Maybe I’m just a parent who should stay in my lane and leave the business of education to the well-experienced professionals who do this for a living and make the best decisions they can for the benefit of the entire education system of New Orleans and particularly OPSB. Because obviously we don’t have all the details and we should trust the elected officials of the school board and the Superintendent that… Read More

Not Quite 100%

Four district-led schools will remain in the district for now but may become charter schools in the near future.  While Exceed charter group looked to take over the remaining schools, it has since withdrawn its application.  “New Orleans is unique, with the highest proportion of charter schools in the country. When and if the district sheds its last traditional responsibilities, it will set a national education landmark.” read more here

Pain, Anger, and Confusion at the NAACP Hearing on Quality Education in New Orleans

This story was written by Josh Stewart with Citizen Ed The NAACP’s nation-touring ‘education task force‘ recently held their penultimate (6th of 7) hearing on quality education in New Orleans. The hearing, which took place on April 6th in the City Council Chambers, ended up serving as a venting session for a community that is clearly hurting and seemed ready to pounce on the historic civil rights organization’s education panel. Alice Huffman on… Read More

2.00 Dollar Dream

Karriem A. Bennett with the Hechinger Report, posted a young scholars letter addressed to Louisiana Rep. Nancy Landry after receiving her two dollar scholarship award from TOPS. My name is Karriem Bennett, and I am a graduating senior of the class of 2017. I am also a registered voter. I was one that was counting on TOPS to assist me with the high cost of tuition. I worked hard all through high… Read More

Saying it because someone needs to: Words from a Black Male Educator in New Orleans

By Juan Serrano To be black and have a chance at a quality education in America is a fight, rather than a privilege, no matter who is sitting in the White House. As a Black male educator, it is my duty and my calling through the love of my people to make a difference in the lives of the children who need us most. I do that by teaching a social justice course… Read More

Get Up, Stand Up and Take the OPSB Survey

  “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight.” A melodic invitation by Bob Marley to civic participation. A wake up call to notice what is right in front of us even though we either don’t see it or choose not to see it in the hope it will just fix itself. But we know better. Issues don’t delete themselves, in fact… Read More