Still a Ways to Go

Bill Quigley, law professor and contributor to the Huffington Post, details the NAACP’s moratorium on New Orleans’ charter schools until ongoing issues have been addressed to better the school environment for all charter students.  Among problems with accountability and transparency, many students also voiced their opinions about being educated in the charter schools.

“We really wanted to share what happens in our schools. How the few permanent teachers we have work so hard for us, how so many classes are ran by short term substitutes, how food runs out at meal times, and how we worry if our school’s reputation is good enough to support us in getting into the college or careers we want. We shared how we face two hour commutes to and from school, are forced to experiment with digital learning with systems like Odyssey, are punished for having the wrong color sweater, or how we worry about being able to attend a school that will give us the education we need.”

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