It’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Why some teachers don’t exactly appreciate it.

By Christalyn Solomon According to Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post, this Teacher Appreciation Week has left some teachers still feeling unappreciated. Teachers are usually given gifts of pencils, apples, and flowers. However, teachers are asking for more than gestures this year. What they want, according to Strauss is for their profession to be respected in a way that accepts educators as experts in their field. They want adequate funding for schools, decent pay,… Read More

It’s Your Choice

The Orleans Parish School Board is offering opportunities for residents to share opinions on potential opening and closing of schools in the area.  Two sessions are scheduled: May 8th and May 13th. Consultants recommended granting Audubon Charter a contract to expand. Read more here 

National Charter Week Champion: Keshanta Jackson

      As we celebrate National Charter School Week, I wanted to focus on some of the supportive roles made available through charter school networks that aren’t readily accessible in most private school settings. For the past eight years, Keshanta Jackson has dedicated her blood, sweat, and tears to shaping the lives of the students at Abramson Sci Academy in New Orleans East.  As a Behavior Interventionist, Keshanta spends her days… Read More

The Carver Five

At the transformation of traditional public school districts to non-traditional charter school districts in New Orleans, birthed a group of fearless student activists called the Carver Five known throughout the city as the C5! These teen leaders challenged the Charter Management Organization that was taken over a local public high school  George Washington Carver – on their policies and programs for the school. The C5  leaders began their journey by identifying issues… Read More

The Power of School Choice

    This piece was written by Shawnta Barnes May 1-5 is National Charter School Week.  This week highlights the power and benefits of choice. Marie A. Wright believes enacting this choice is not only a parent’s right but the reason her children have been academically successful and able to have access to great opportunities. Choice is not about sending all your children to a charter school over your boundary school. Choice is… Read More

My daughter’s voice mattered. Happy National Charter Schools Week!

When my daughter came home and told me that she didn’t like the food served at her school the first time, my initial thought was she was just being picky. After hearing her complain a few more times,  I suggested she write a letter to the founder of her charter school. Someone who has always encouraged the students to be independent thinkers. But I honestly didn’t think he would respond to my… Read More