The Start of Something Beautiful


By: The Parent Advocators

“The Parent Advocators was started when we as parents took a stand for our children’s education. We are parents working to empower other parents to assure their child receives the best education possible. Taking what we’ve done and seen as a real success to the next level of educating parents and showing them how to demand a high-quality education for all scholars. Taking it one state at a time starting with Louisiana. Enforcing the parent voice. Which is the most important piece”.

Who are The Parent Advocators? We are parents who work to empower and educate parents in using their voice for in bettering their child’s education. The future of quality, quantity and high functioning education in the Unites States is at an all-time low.  We have taken a vow to start with our state of Louisiana to ensure all scholars have selection of high quality

What is The Parent Advocators mission?  To help with bridging the gap between home and school. To be the voice for those who would sometimes be unheard.

When and why was The Parent Advocators formed? The Parent Advocators was created after we as parents fought for the best  CMO for our kid’s school. We were not about to let RSD, councilmen or women and other state officials dictate who would run our school and teach our children. As parents, we know what’s  best for our kids. So after the transition with our scholar’s school in 2014, we knew then that the fight had just begun. We had to do more for the students of New  Orleans.  

What success has The Parent  Advocators had? Our first success was, of course, our kid’s school Andrew H. Wilson. In the summer of 2016, the Recovery School District reached out to us to be a part of their process for McDonogh#42. Those parents (even though it was just a handful) voices were heard. McDonogh#42 was awarded the CMO their parents felt strongly would lead their scholars to have a successful education with high academic gains over time. We hope to be able to point the parents of OPSB schools in the right direction for their scholars as well.

Many times we’ve been asked, “what makes you think this would be successful?” “What makes you think parents want to have their voices heard?”

My question is why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t we be successful? One thing that needs to be understood is parents care more about their scholars and their education than what many think. We make a choice to send our scholars to a particular school which means we are actually invested.

Parents at times feel unwanted from school. It’s time to take a stand and ensure the parent voice is the first voice heard. Bridging the gap between home and school. Parents it’s time to stand up and be your scholars first advocate.

Stay tuned for details on how we truly got this movement started and where we plan to take it.


The Parent Advocators

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