This is Why We Do What We Do…No Questions Asked


By: The Parent Advocators

“Believe In Yourself as a Parent. NO ONE knows your child better than YOU. You have been there since their first BREATH. There is NO better ADVOCATE for their needs.”

Many have been wondering why we do what we do and how successful do we truly believe this will be. Well, let us break it down for you. We started out fighting for a high-quality education for our scholars all 600 plus. We refuse to let anyone dictate to us who would educate, inspire and be present fixtures in their lives. On this mission, we started out being about 12 vocal parents and that number slowly decreased. Not saying that those parents weren’t as motivated and as active but life and priorities can sometimes take precedence.

With the help of the primary school officials, we caught wind of an illegal board meeting that was set to take place at our school. Keep in mind that parents were not properly notified of this meeting. Also with the help from those officials, we set up site visits(we toured one school per CMO), a day filled with us interviewing each CMO and daily debriefing. When entering the interview, each CMO was presented with an addendum created by us the parents. We demanded three seats for parents in the Recovery School District (RSD) selection committee, which we were awarded and ran those interviews as if we were the only ones present. We eventually worked alongside with RSD and elected officials in our mission. In the end, we won this battle for our Scholars. We the parents were given the opportunity in a press conference to announce that InspireNola would take over Andrew H. Wilson into the 2015-16 school year and beyond.

This process was the start of a positive movement. We set out to assure our scholars received what we all knew they definitely deserved. The year began with getting our students adjusted to the InspireNOLA culture and all around learning environment. Many thought this process would take at least a month but our scholars adjusted in a week. Many times during the process we asked the students what would they like in a CMO and across the board, the answers were culture and discipline. During the first year InspireNOLA took over the scholars along with the administration and staff worked hard to assure each scholar was learning to the best of their ability. We are proud to say that within one school year our scholars brought the school letter grade from an F to a C and also achieved the highest academic gains in the city of New Orleans.

At that moment we as parents knew we achieved the one thing we set out for on behalf of our scholars. We knew it was “The Start of Something Special” and we must take this movement beyond the walls of Andrew H. Wilson. The goal of The Parent Advocators is to set the tone for assuring parents fight for the Highest Educational experience for their scholar. We want parents to know they have a voice and must use it to take a stand and demand.

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