New Schools for New Orleans Board Addition

Former federal prosecutor, Kenneth Polite, joins the New Schools for New Orleans board.  The education reform group looks to provide education to bring children out of poverty.  “We need to have a young workforce that is properly trained and educated to take those opportunities and run with it.” Read more here

Hope Breakfast

InspireNOLA Charter Schools and Senator Troy Carter partnered to host the second annual Unity of Hope Breakfast.  The event coupled community leaders to support students returning to school for the year. “Young people face particular challenges today and need the support of the community to stay focused on education. Seeing city and area leaders at the event showed the students how important academics are to their future.” Read more here

After the Little Rock Nine

When Little Rock, Arkansas schools reopened in 1959, a year after the Little Rock Nine entered Central High School, Sybil Hampton enrolled at Central High School as a 10th grader.  Dr. Sybil Hampton now recalls her experience and her hope for current students.   “I would love to see every child in our community be in a school setting with teachers and other adults who believe that they are important, that they… Read More

The Forgotten Students? How DACA Affects our Non-Black Students

We talk and write about our African American students a lot.  We focus on the city’s racial and cultural shifts over the last 17 years, our kids’ overexposure to trauma and violence, their impoverished communities and other challenges faced and how our city’s faulty educational system tries to address them.  Little time is spent addressing the needs of our students who aren’t African American. I, too, am guilty of this. In the… Read More

The Equity Index and its future

As someone trained in policy and data interpretation, I’m excited about the recently released New Orleans Education Equity Index. The index data was compiled by several local organizations, and led by the Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (LCCR) and the Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN).  The index uses data indicators such as teacher experience, student expenditures, transportation, and suspensions to bring together data that will help community organizations and leaders construct a… Read More

Single, Young Female: The Ideal Candidate for NOLA Charter Schools?

With 93 percent of students enrolled in New Orleans’ charter schools, the highest percentage in the city, whether critics want to admit it or not, charter schools have shown they are here to stay, but can the same be said for its teaching and support staff who have families and additional obligations outside of the workplace? Historically, since the vast emergence of charter schools within the city in 2005, I have come… Read More

UNCF Releases New Resources for Students, Parents and Community Members

Brochure outlines resources and tips for getting into college and advocacy toolkit provides effective strategies for community-led advocacy in the current K-12 education landscape With only seven percent of black students performing at or above proficient on the 12thgrade math NAEP exam in 2015, compared with 32 percent of white students, UNCF—the preeminent voice in African American education—continues to expand its efforts by providing tools and resources to support a college-going culture…. Read More

Reorganizing for New Orleans College Prep

New Orleans College Prep may lose Sylvanie Williams Elementary, due to a potential low letter grade from the state.  The network is working to reorganize leadership during this time as well. “Sylvanie Williams was due for its charter to be renewed this year, but a recent slide in its School Performance Score based on test results has called into question whether New Orleans College Prep will be allowed to continue operating it.”… Read More

Preparing a Safe Space for Children

After devastating storms like Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey and most recently, Irma; schools have had to create safe spaces for students to share feelings.  Five steps are provided for effective preparation for children. “I know the feeling of the weight of the world in your hands and the magnitude of the responsibility educators hold to create a safe, nurturing environment for students to grow and thrive, no matter the circumstances.” Read more here

Pro-Charter is Not Anti-Public

By Andrew Pillow If you live in are large city like New York or Chicago you have options about what type of transportation you use. Many find it easier to use the subway and don’t like the hassle of parking so they take the train every day. People who live further out or prefer solitude in their morning commute often find that they prefer to drive. Both of these options have their… Read More