A Quality Education: Access Denied

Children have been made to be the most controversial issue in America. When did the education of our children become a gamble? -Dana Wade The Parent Advocators Educationally things have been constantly changing and churning in New Orleans. Which is a good and a bad thing respectively. You see for children positive change is good but you also need a constant and plenty of consistency as well. Now, are there some situations… Read More

Are You Ready for OneApp?

  Parents, are you ready for OneApp for the next school year? Since you have to choose a school for your child/children, why not get an early start?  The application period opens on November 1, 2017 and closes on February 23, 2018. “In New Orleans, every school is a choice school. You don’t have a neighborhood school, but you do get priority to the schools that are near your home.” Read more… Read More

A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed

By Sherece Williams I was just thinking today… “What happened to the good ole days when kids and parents sat at the kitchen table doing homework?”  I could be wrong, but everything now seems so fast-paced and priorities are lost in the shuffle of extra jobs, extracurricular activities, and social lives.  With so many kids being raised by single parents, an additional job is needed, which leaves little to no time for… Read More

All Hands on Deck

When it comes to helping students succeed, parents, teachers and school leaders must all be invested. Critical conversations regarding preparation and benchmarks are important between parents and teachers. “Before a parent can be expected to effectively support their children’s learning, they first need to have an accurate picture of the areas where their children excel and where they need more support.” Read more here


Reflections on Black and Brown Liberation

During Hispanic Heritage month, which recently ended on October 15, I spent a lot of time reflecting on Black and Brown relations. While it is always a time for me to think about my El Salvadorian heritage and celebrate that aspect of my identity, this year I also thought a lot about what that identity means when living and working in a Black-centered space in New Orleans and in particular the field… Read More

Weekend News

  Can teachers afford to live in New Orleans? Here’s what one national study says Communicating with Parents: Advice From a Teacher Who Is Also a Mother Editorial: More minority teachers will help education of all students

Yes! to School Taxes

Three property taxes were renewed in New Orleans recently.  The taxes help to ensure school employee salaries, as well as supplies. Voters again backed a 1.55-mill tax funds textbooks, library books, instructional equipment, and materials. The district expects this millage to generate $5.7 million annually. Read more here

The Race Has Begun: Lake Forest Charter School Begins their 2017-2018 Enrollment

Despite the criticism Lake Forest Charter School has received over the years for being one of the few public schools with selective enrollment, it isn’t stopping New Orleans’ parents from trying to claim a stake in the city’s school choice melee.   As described in an article from The Times Picayune which focused attacking the city’s only three selective-enrollment schools (now only two with Audubon Charter now an open-enrollment school), ‘these three… Read More

Confederate flags in the educational environment

Following the August events in Charlottesville and an ongoing nationwide discourse about confederate monuments, there has also been a quiet groundswell of movement happening around the issue of confederate flags in schools. Recent news reports have included community discourse around a rash of racial incidents in Pennsylvania, racial tensions at a high school football game caused by students displaying the flag in Colorado, and a number of schools and districts across the… Read More