ReNEW to Close

ReNEW McDonogh will close in 2018. For parents and students who wished to attend the school, this comes as a surprise. “For a conglomeration of reasons, scores actually fell in the first two years of operation.” Read more here

‘Tis the Season

By Sherece Williams Whether you celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus, Kwanza, or don’t celebrate at all, I’m sure this break is much needed.  The kids are tired. The teachers are tired.  It’s time for a break from it all.  I can’t express how I’m looking forward to this much needed time off. Winter break is time intended to do just that break.  A break from the normal everyday hustle and bustle.  It… Read More

Dr. Lisa Green Derry Gives Us Confidence in New Orleans

Dr. Lisa Green Derry is a product of the New Orleans education system. She made this known many times at the education advocacy meetings where I first met her. Her passion and loyalty for our schools caught my attention. I recognized a deep sense of connection between her and her high school, McDonogh 35, but even more, her connection to New Orleans. We sat down to talk in a coffee shop, and… Read More

Equity is the Way to Equity

I recently sat in an education policy meeting where a funder was considering offering resources towards an education equity initiative.  It sounded great, but there was a problem. There were very few people of color in the meeting, which took place in the middle of the day in a high-rise office, overlooking the central business district.  These well-meaning, liberal white professionals were rolling their eyes and mocking the state of our government,… Read More

You Shouldn’t Have to Fight for Your Child’s Education Alone

By Guest Blogger Katrina Gibson My son’s first grade teacher strongly suggested I get him tested.  I took him to the doctor and was in shock after my son was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.  I didn’t even understand what this diagnosis meant for him.  I also didn’t know this would be the beginning of a fight for my son’s education.   In my area, we have two elementary schools.  The lower… Read More


By Kimberly Smith and Trish Dziko, National Charter Collaborative We’ve spent the past week trying to decipher the motivations behind the recent Associated Press article that claims charter schools are encouraging segregation solely by the fact that many educate underserved Black and Brown children. The articles – which appeared in localized versions in Albany, Detroit and Columbus – claim that while four percent of district schools enrolled a student body that is… Read More

Should I make my kids participate in the school lunch program as a form of class solidarity?

My kids absolutely refuse to eat the hot lunch at school. Whenever we talk about it, they curl their little noses, roll their eyes, and act as if even considering school food is the funniest joke I’ve ever told. They say they resist because the lunch is gross, which it usually is, but I suspect there is something more to the story. When I visit their school in the morning, I notice… Read More