New Schools for New Orleans

New Schools for New Orleans has a 2 million dollar fellowship to attract innovative education entrepreneurs to create new schools.  The organization wants to bring a different approach to education for children. “We don’t want a cookie-cutter approach where all schools look the same and feel the same because children are so different. We want to be able to offer these schools that offer a one-of-a-kind experience.” Read more here

What Happened to Sex Education In Our Local Schools?

Sex education, although a topic of discomfort for some, certainly appears to be a worthwhile measure to consider if we are as motivated to eliminate barriers to college success as we say we are. The average 14 year old girl looks old enough to pass for 21+ given physique and makeup/hair applications that mimic the popular social media and reality television shows.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen images… Read More

When Right Decisions Are Tough Decisions: A Case for More School Choice

By Jenna Tomasello This post originally appeared on the American Youth Policy Forum’s Forum for Thought blog. I’m not a parent, but I plan to be one day, and when that day comes, I will want nothing more than for my child to receive the best education possible. Unfortunately, not all schools are created equal, but I feel privileged in knowing what to do to ensure my future child has a high-quality educational experience,… Read More

What Does Education and the Recent H&M Controversy Have in Common?

With the Saints losing their position to advance to the NFL’s semi-finals, I’m willing to bet that most who were “outraged” at the recent H&M advertisement debacle have long forgotten about it.  Like most scandals in today’s society, an immediate feeling is evoked, typically disbelief, disappointment and/or outrage.  Social media creatives hastily develop crafty memes to elicit even more feelings of discomfort or they resort to humor to pacify the incident and… Read More

Hiring Teachers Is Only Half the Battle; Retention is Key

“Are you coming back to work here next year Ms. Sanders?” Having worked within the school system for three years now, I now understand why each year I am randomly asked this question by one of my students.When I was a student, I never asked this question to a teacher or school staff member. Not in elementary school. Not in middle school. Not in high school. That’s because my frame of reference… Read More

School Choice: As Parents, We Want More

Peter Cunningham of Education Post recently penned the article, “Education Reform in 2018 Is Going to Need a Parent Seal of Approval.” Reading the article was therapeutic.  He pointed out many of the sentiments I have pondered concerning parent engagement. He offered ideas for us as parent advocates to pursue in the near and distant future to make the home and school partnership work better for our children’s future. I’m a parent… Read More

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Schools: Steps to Transformation

By Jada Monica Drew, MS The core of inequity is engulfed in fear and ignorance. We are socialized to avoid conversations about race, politics, and money. Yet, these topics are what makes our country vibrant in its diversity of people, perspective, place of origin and access to wealth. Talk more about these topics! In the United States of America, school systems, whether private or public, are facing the reality of changing demographics… Read More

Shifting the Nation in Education

The nation as a whole is being charged with the responsibility of school accountability.  Agreement on how to succeed in this area, however, are few and far between. “ESSA requires states to report much more detailed information about their schools, including teacher quality, discipline data, and school spending habits.” Read more here

Celebrating King, Chavez, and Local Leaders

Ashé Cultural Arts Center’s luncheon, held on Friday, was a gathering place for local leaders to reflect on the legacy of King and Chavez. Jo Ann Minor, Ashé’s Associate Director of Operations and Administration, summed up the luncheon perfectly in her concluding remarks: “How wonderful to be inspired by the lives of Dr. King and Cesar Chavez. How wonderful to be inspired by each other.” The event was a reminder of our… Read More

MLK & The Beautiful Struggle

  Delivery of ‘The Dream’ is part of all of our lives. The Dream offers the ultimate level of inclusion for each and every one of us. Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or orientation, we all are part of the vision Dr. King so vividly imagined and portrayed to us with his dynamic spoken word. As I researched and studied the man who had the vision for The Dream, I discovered the… Read More