Mama DeeDee Cared About You

Mrs. Dolores T. Aaron or ‘Mama DeeDee’ as she was affectionately known was a strong advocate for the well being and welfare of children. She was a staunch advocate for children’s development and rights. She always made children feel at home, cared for, needed, and important. There were many young people who were able to keep pushing on because of  her words, guidance, and inspiration she gave. Even college students within the New Orleans area gained strength and wisdom because of Mama DeeDee, some even found a place to rest their weary heads.

In 1947, Dolores T. Aaron embarked upon a career in education.  Her career as an educator began as a teacher at Joseph S. Clark High School. Later, she transitioned into the role of guidance counselor at Andrew J. Bell Jr. High School and George Washington Carver Jr. High School.  Her last role before retirement was as the Assistant Superintendent of Orleans Parish Schools. As a person with a heart for youth, retirement could not keep her from serving the community. After retirement, she served as Director of the Youth Services Bureau in Moon Landrieu’s administration. As Director of this bureau, Mrs. Aaron setup after school programs and worked with the school system to set up alternative programs for troubled youth.

In 1986, Dolores T. Aaron became the first woman director of New Orleans Recreation Department (NORD) under Mayor Sidney Barthelemy. It was in this position Mrs. Aaron had to rely on her relationships with various people and businesses. NORD had to strongly depend on partnerships with businesses to help repair and restore NORD playgrounds due to a major oil slump. Mrs. Aaron also started Friends of NORD, a fundraising campaign to help benefit the local parks and playgrounds.

Throughout her stellar career, Mrs Dolores T. Aaron truly did go out of her way to show kids that she cared about them and they really mattered. We celebrate Mrs. Dolores T. Aaron during this #WomensHistoryMonth as a true community leader to be respected and remembered. We will always love and admire you Mama Dee Dee!

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