Betsy DeVos’ White Privilege Is Hurting Us

Born into wealth Married to wealth It’s no secret that both whiteness and wealth provide entitlement and accessibility far greater than that which is available to others. There likely hasn’t been anything that Betsy DeVos hasn’t been able to acquire or do during her lifetime as a result of her white privilege and wealth. An advocate for school choice. A major financial contributor to the Republican Party. A successful business woman. But,… Read More

An Informed Student is a Powerful Student

Schools all over the country took time away from academics to prepare and execute a 17 Minute National Walkout to honor the lives of the 17 students and staff members whose lives were taken during the February 14 mass shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Ft. Lauderdale. Conversations on the country’s gun laws lead the dialogue each time there is a mass shooting; and yet, no real… Read More

Betsy DeVos Should Be Applauded

With a smirk on her face and disdain in her voice, Betsy DeVos our reigning Secretary of Education happily sat through her interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 minutes and she did an absolutely wonderful job. Betsy DeVos is who so many of us have seen consistently in America, a classic white woman in Tammy Wynette fashion who stands by her men. In this case, the men in her life are President… Read More

White Flight and Who Really Needs Protecting

After I read the article, “‘White Flight’ Remains a Reality,” I thought back to my days as a young man and recall hearing  “you know whites used to stay back there” or “that used to be a white school, park, grocery, or part of town” never realizing the impact. Although white flight is a term we have heard often, many times we don’t talk about  its destructive remnants. In its path, white… Read More

Betsy Devos fails the test, Again!

By Gary Hardie Devos might be one of Trump’s least qualified appointees. Time and time again, she has proved to be inept on the fundamental understanding of public education in this country; this was first evident during her confirmation hearings when she could not respond to simple and direct questions about education policy. Then, she mischaracterized HBCU’s in a grammatically incorrect statement and rolled back critical Obama-era civil rights protections making marginalized… Read More

Should Security Officers Be Used In NOLA Schools? YES, If They Are Anything Like Officer Gross.

The presence of law enforcement within schools can perpetuate the school-to-prison pipeline and other inequities faced by inner-city schools that primarily serve black students. But if you are lucky enough to have the presence of a school guard like Officer Gross, then you have a precious gem on your hands and she’s worth highlighting as we celebrate Women’s History Month. During Black History month, we spend so much time rallying around the… Read More

International Women’s Day

By Angele Young Boutte Every single day, a woman somewhere should be celebrated. She should be lauded for the contributions she makes to the world around her.  Whether she has won the Nobel peace prize or fried the perfect egg or whether she’s a mother, or a sister, daughter, aunt, friend, or co-worker, no one else can take her place. She is uniquely who she needs to be to everyone who interacts… Read More

Women’s History Month Spotlight

Mama DeeDee Cared About You

Mrs. Dolores T. Aaron or ‘Mama DeeDee’ as she was affectionately known was a strong advocate for the well being and welfare of children. She was a staunch advocate for children’s development and rights. She always made children feel at home, cared for, needed, and important. There were many young people who were able to keep pushing on because of  her words, guidance, and inspiration she gave. Even college students within the… Read More

Women’s History Month Spotlight