White Flight and Who Really Needs Protecting

After I read the article, “‘White Flight’ Remains a Reality,” I thought back to my days as a young man and recall hearing  “you know whites used to stay back there” or “that used to be a white school, park, grocery, or part of town” never realizing the impact. Although white flight is a term we have heard often, many times we don’t talk about  its destructive remnants.

In its path, white flight leaves abandoned buildings throughout suburbia, rural areas, as well as many inner cities in America. The barren wastelands we usually see driving down an old highway are becoming more prevalent. One begins to ask, “What is so sacred to a group of people (who are lifelong colonizers) that would make them only dwell in a settlement as long as it is feasible to them? White Flight brings up some very thought provoking questions indeed.

  • What eventually happens when each and every time an ethnic group of your disliking comes too close into your desired territory of dwelling?
  • Do you continue to pack up and flee leaving behind economic turmoil that still affects outcomes in the territory?
  • What happens when you become the minority and the space that is untainted by ethnic hands in your beloved America is at a minimum?
  • When you have pillaged all of America for all her worth, what will you colonize next?

This group of white Americans are the worst group of humans. They are liars and infidels. They pose themselves as loving families, but they perpetuate racism, bigotry, prejudice, and hated while simultaneously believing it’s only about a better way of life for their own. The worst part is that they dwell among us. They are the very people who you enjoy a sporting event with. They falsely befriend you at a festival, parade, gathering, or bar. They are ok schmoozing, mingling, drinking and hanging as long as when we leave, you go your way toward the ghetto, redlined area, or acceptable dwelling that’s not located in their neighborhood.. Because if you are, “there goes the neighborhood.” They are fine with you entertaining them, serving them and cleaning up after them as long as you go back on home when you’re finished or they can go to their safe, protected, and at times, gated community; safe from you in their own reality.

Finally, they have no problem moving into an area because it’s cool, hip or happening with your cultural identity…just as long as that cultural identity will be held in check in a few years, carried out at a minimum, and at decibel levels that is conducive with their way of living. When that is achieved and you have shared all that you have and they have pillaged your soul, they will conveniently raise taxes, insurance, and impose their form of tariffs that will get you well away from that area.‘White Flight’ does remain a reality. It is a destructively nomadic way of living and it will soon take away all they think they are saving.

The next question is: what are we going to do about it?

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