Why the Supreme Court Matters for Education Rights

Given Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s decision to retire, teachers might consider reviewing a civics lesson on why the judicial system is crucial for the advancement of civil rights. Many people do not realize that most of what we have achieved or not achieved in the United States in terms of civil rights is because of the judicial system. I know I did not, until I took a civil rights class in… Read More

Permit Patty is no joking matter

As black parents we are expected to instill morals, values, and a desire to be a progressive and productive citizen into our children. Society is depending on us to produce valuable adults that give more than they take, leave a great experience when interacting with other citizens, and adhere to the written and unspoken rules of society. As black parents many of us excel in this part of life. We are far… Read More

All Summer ‘18

By Marlena Little Honestly, education wasn’t my first career. It was 2007 and I was 7 months pregnant with my now 10-year old daughter. Hustling, walking and grinding as a realtor didn’t seem appealing anymore, especially with an infant. I wondered, “What could I do to have summers off with my daughter as she grew up?” Being an educator, the summer break is the one that I enjoy the most – it’s the… Read More

Pawns In A Game

Citizen SHE United

Change is made when Black women in Louisiana set the policy agenda, build their leadership capacities to lobby for that agenda, and mobilize voters to support candidates who are aligned with that agenda. SHE works with and holds accountable decision makers and elected officials to deliver policy victories from SHE’s policy agenda. SHE implements a multi-pronged strategy to advance Black women’s issues in Louisiana and works with influencers to ensure that their… Read More

Fatherhood is a matter of recognition

Louisiana is still the worst state nationwide for children. Now, I know you’re thinking, “What does that statement have to do with Fatherhood or Father’s Day?” As I thought about writing a post for Father’s Day,  I didn’t want to sound mundane or say something that was cliche with no substance at all. As I scrolled my Instagram timeline, I happened upon the article, “Louisiana is still the worst state nationwide for… Read More

A Young Woman’s Right To Speak

At the very least, I remember school as a nurturing place that works along with home to instill the foundation that a young person needs to function in life. Schools should mirror home and reinforce the positive life building lessons that we learn as well as nurture our personal growth all within a space that we all feel protected in. At times, many of our youth blossom from the experience and the… Read More

Let’s Talk About Activism!

Activism is Necessary for Balance; Balance is Necessary for Activism

Activism is defined as a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue. Before learning the specific term “activism,” it’s been known that blacks have historically positioned themselves as activists within our communities in the United States.  Activism isn’t limited to race and it seeks its place among communities all over the world. Every figure and leader who has… Read More

Our Youth: Author of Their Own Story & Conductors of Their Own Train

I remember Officer Friendly and McGruff the crime dog from my elementary school years. He was a white man the police department had in a community service position to come around to schools and engage with children. I never feared him at all. Then, there was McGruff the crime dog who implored us to “Take A Bite Out of Crime.” These two figures who represented the police force were not intimidating, intrusive,… Read More