All Summer ‘18


Honestly, education wasn’t my first career.

It was 2007 and I was 7 months pregnant with my now 10-year old daughter. Hustling, walking and grinding as a realtor didn’t seem appealing anymore, especially with an infant. I wondered, “What could I do to have summers off with my daughter as she grew up?”

Being an educator, the summer break is the one that I enjoy the most – it’s the time where I can spend countless hours with my own daughter, after she’s had to share me with hundreds of other children throughout the school year.

While this is not an exhaustive list, here are some cool things to do with your kids this summer, that won’t break the bank and fill your days with priceless memories!

1.       Cook a meal together.

I’m not the best cook and the word “chef” should never be synonymous with me, so is my best friend.

2.       Visit the library and attend some of their awesome events!

Literacy is a foundational skill that should be strengthened even in the summer. Use the summer to check out books your child is interested in (school doesn’t always have interesting texts!) and while you’re there, check out some of the great events planned throughout the summer. Click here for Memphis Public Library site.

3.       Enrich your Memphis experience by visiting the many museums!

Memphis is saturated with great history in all areas, from music to art! Click here to see a list of museums and the days you and your family can visit for FREE!

4.       Play Charades!

There’s nothing like seeing my daughter imitate me – especially how I act when I’m upset and she’s in trouble!

5.       Make a video!

The current generation of kids is more savvy than I’ll ever be with technology! Take lots of videos and pictures and create a mini-movie with apps and even with your iPhone!

6.       Explore current events together, discussing the “Black Experience”

Before we had books, we relied on oral history and storytelling to provide us with gems of our history.  The world our black children are living in is very different than we lived in and comes with much more to be discussed. Take time this summer and ask your children about their experience, how it feels to #growupblack and what #parentingwhileblack feels like for you.

7.       Love on each other!

In my family, we often say that giving time is being “loved on”. Time spent together is more precious than anything; it can’t be replaced or replenished. With whatever you do this summer, do it WITH your kids! We would be surprised what memories they hold onto and how much we’d learn about each other in the process.

As long as I’m an educator and a mother, I will take delight in summer breaks. It’s not only a time to replenish and recharge for the upcoming school year, but it’s a time where I get to love on my black daughter and show her how much MAGIC she has!

And stay tuned for the weekly series, Parenting While Black, debuting in July!


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