Citizen SHE United

Change is made when Black women in Louisiana set the policy agenda, build their leadership capacities to lobby for that agenda, and mobilize voters to support candidates who are aligned with that agenda. SHE works with and holds accountable decision makers and elected officials to deliver policy victories from SHE’s policy agenda. SHE implements a multi-pronged strategy to advance Black women’s issues in Louisiana and works with influencers to ensure that their work improves community members lived experience.

• All women are deserving of access to quality healthcare. To provide it is not only a commitment to the individual, but to families across Louisiana;
• All women have the right to economic freedom and equity so that they are not forced into making unhealthy decisions about their personal well-being or the well-being of their families in order to survive;
• The criminal justice system should not treat any member of the community differently than the other. To do so based on race or gender identity has a disparaging impact on already marginalized communities, their family members, and families across Louisiana as a • whole;
• Universal access to quality education is a community commitment to sustainable households;
• Strong voter engagement allows all members of the city and state to be represented and heard in an effort to ensure that all of our Constitutional guarantees are safeguarded


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