Fatherhood is a matter of recognition

Louisiana is still the worst state nationwide for children.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “What does that statement have to do with Fatherhood or Father’s Day?”

As I thought about writing a post for Father’s Day,  I didn’t want to sound mundane or say something that was cliche with no substance at all. As I scrolled my Instagram timeline, I happened upon the article, “Louisiana is still the worst state nationwide for children, reports say.” After thinking about the study from the international aid group Save the Children that was included in the article, I came to some conclusions.

The article did present some solid reasons to support the title. The article included the infant mortality rate, homicide rate, and high school dropout rates. Data was pulled from several different government agencies. To save the children of the great state of Louisiana, Save the Children concluded that federal, state, and local governments should,  “respond and invest accordingly.”

If Save the Children thinks solutions are going to come from the government then they have a warped sense of reality. I’ll tell you where solutions are coming from!  The answers are in fathers and they amazing support systems in our community When I think about fatherhood, I think about all of the people who allow us to strive, thrive, and stay alive in spite of. Fathers and the family, friends, and community members who still instill values, morals, and goodness into their children day after day. Now don’t get me wrong, I do acknowledge there is a need to be active and engaged in your community, but, when you create a study from data collected, you leave out the very soul of a people and community who are moving forward progressively each and every day. We are our own government who give unto the lives of our children and citizens daily and my Father’s Day gift to myself is recognizing all of the love, support, and caring that comes from one another. I love you all and be blessed.

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