Permit Patty is no joking matter

As black parents we are expected to instill morals, values, and a desire to be a progressive and productive citizen into our children. Society is depending on us to produce valuable adults that give more than they take, leave a great experience when interacting with other citizens, and adhere to the written and unspoken rules of society. As black parents many of us excel in this part of life. We are far superior in teaching our kids what they need to know because we know that our success in giving our offspring the tools they need in this society is often a matter of life and death, literally.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to us when a giving young lady such as Jordan Rodgers steps in to help her mother Erin Austin who was planning a trip to Disneyland, but unfortunately lost her job recently. Ms. Austin apparently taught her daughter the industrious lesson of supply and demand which led Jordan Rodgers to purchase some bottles of water to sell outside of her home across from AT&T stadium to Giant fans. She was a young lady who saw an opportunity to help her family and went into action.

Sadly, what also doesn’t come as a surprise to us is the nearby white person fully practicing white privilege, intimidation, and using their insecurity card. Alison Ettel aka Permit Patty became so annoyed or threatened at the actions of this young lady that she was determined to engage in a dispute with her and her mom over whether or not the young lady had a permit to sell water. White people, I say this with every vengeful, sarcastic and intentional bone in my body, ”Mind yo (expletive) business!” Ms. Patty claims the young lady’s yelling was preventing her from doing her work, so Ms. Patty took her instigating to the next level with a new low by pretending to call the police on young Jordan Rodgers.

Since this story went viral, I am happy to announce that a contributor has purchased tickets for Jordan Rodgers and her family to go to Disneyland and Alison Ettel has received much warranted and continuous backlash for attempting to derail the entrepreneurial spirit of a talented young lady. Her white tears shows it all, but white tears are not a consolation prize for your destructive actions so cry me a river please and thank you.

The damage is done and the intrusive actions of emboldened white citizens is not a laughing matter at all. We have seen this happen many times recently. From BBQ Becky to Jogger Joe as well as a recent incident at a Chili’s Restaurant in Abeville, La. where the manager called the police on black customers who had recently left the restaurant and were socializing outside. Who knows how many other times the police have been called on black people because of insecurities and ignorance. I wonder how many of these calls have ended in fines for black people, unwarranted jail time for black people, and even black lives being lost. Here it is again yet another practice that we have seen before: Black people being harassed for just existing. This isn’t a coincidence; it’s strategic. Black people need to become more strategic in our everyday living. Our very lives may depend on it.

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