Five Reasons Why Youth Activism is Essential

By Samjah Saulsberry

Who Runs The World? So we all know what Beyoncé’s response would be – and her famed, effeminate anthem definitely has validity to it.  Women do play a vital role when it comes to the keeping this world intact; however, it’s actually the youth who not only hold the universe’s future but shape it as well.    

Before there was Rosa Parks, there was 15-year-old Claudette Colvin who was arrested for not giving up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama city bus.  From the Freedom Riders who risked their fresh lives for human rights to the dynamic young adults who rallied and came together to greatly assist in granting the nation its first black president ever – activism has been proven and will continue to be vital for the development and progression of the youth and this world…..and here’s why.  

Youth Activism positions them for leadership

Being that the youth control the future of this world, it’s important that they get a head start by involving themselves in matters that impact this world.  Activism allows them to be placed in circumstances where they are forced to learn the issues that society faces which in turn gives them first-hand insight into how politics and the government operate.  

Youth Activism opens their minds

Activism goes beyond picket signs and marches.  It allows the youth, as well as adults, to broaden their view of the world.  Whether they are meeting a young girl from Saudi Arabia who isn’t allowed the same opportunities as her male counterparts or talking to a young guy from San Francisco who believes integration was America’s biggest mistake, activism exposes the youth to people who don’t think like them which helps them form a multifaceted view of society.

Youth Activism fuels passion /purpose

The youth need a purpose, and in most cases, they crave a sense of belonging. Activism presents them with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals which helps them develop more confidence, a passion for the causes they are interested in, and long-lasting friendships.

Youth Activism teaches collaboration  

Learning how to communicate effectively, collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds for a specific cause, and compromise for the greater good of this world are valuable life lessons everyone should learn.  Activism aids the youth in grasping these important concepts at an early age by showing them the value of unity.

Youth Activism gives adults different points of views

Not only is youth activism important to children, it’s also important for adults.  The youth can give an alternative perspective on issues that adults aren’t privy to.  There are matters affecting children that need to be publicized, and this will not happen unless the youth are given a voice.  Adults need advice from the youth when it comes to reaching the masses. Adults also need new visions and technological expertise from the youth in order to propel this world into a more progressive direction.    

As mentioned above, activism is not only a concept for change, it’s also a vehicle that drives the youth into their destiny and teaches them critical life skills.  Let’s continue to give the youth a voice and make sure that they are heard. Let’s position them for greatness. 

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