Bill Cosby is Going to Jail. Will the Others Go, Too?

And just like that, America’s dad is going away to jail at 81 years old.  On Tuesday, September 25th, Bill Cosby was accused and sentenced to three to 10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand 14 years ago at his home.  What Cosby did was undoubtedly wrong, and I sympathize for every woman who was affected by his actions. However, I didn’t cheer when he was sentenced.  The crooked justice system doesn’t allow me the opportunity to do so. While those women may be satisfied with the court’s decision and proud of the legal system America has in place, I can’t help but ask myself the usual question when it comes to justice and African Americans in this country.  Would the sentence have been the same if Bill Cosby was an 81-year-old white man?

This Bill Cosby fiasco brings about some mixed feelings among the “stay woke” crew.  Yes, he was wrong. There’s no denying that. But so was Trump when he sexually assaulted most of the women in his reach, proudly claiming that he “grabs them by the p*%%^”.  But instead of being accused and sentenced to jail, he became the President of the United States. Where they do that at, you ask? I’ll gladly answer….in America.  

America is the place where jails are crowded with notable black men who made mistakes and political offices are crowded with not-so-notable white males who made those same mistakes.  America is the place where an 81-year-old black man, who lost two children and is on the brink of death, gets sentenced to jail for sexually assaulting women, but a white 66-year-old man, named Harvey Weinstein, who was accused by more than 80 women of sexual assault, is free.  The “stay woke” crew isn’t bashing the justice system for jailing those who commit crimes. We are bashing the system because it only works (or not works) when it comes to African Americans. If Bill Cosby has to go to jail for sexually assaulting women, then so should Roman Polaski, Charlie Rose, Woody Allen, James Levine, Bill O’Reilly, Ben Kavanaugh, etc.  They were all accused of committing the same crime. The only difference between their crime and Bill’s is skin color.

As I said, my heart goes out to every woman that has ever been affected by sexual assault.  My heart doesn’t go out to a one-sided system that believes justice is only served when it comes to black people.

Patiently waiting for the others to be jailed




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