Blacks Have No Choice When it comes To Voting, And Here are the Reasons Why

How do you feel about the Trump Administration?  If my assumptions are correct, you probably wish they would fall off into some unknown part of the universe, never to be heard from again.  And while that sounds like nirvana for us anti-Trump advocates, it probably won’t happen anytime soon. So instead of wishing this insensible administration away, let’s rally together and silence them by using the most powerful weapon we have in our arsenal – our VOTE.

The midterm elections will be staring us in the face shortly, and the outcome is pivotal.  Our votes in this election directly determine which political party (Democrats or Republicans) will control Congress for the next two years.  Remember what happened when we brushed off the 2016 presidential campaign believing America was too perspicacious to put a narcissistic con artist in the White House?  That epic fail alone should definitely motivate you to vote. But if for some strange reason it doesn’t, then maybe shutting the Republican party and their warped beliefs down or just simply googling Trump’s name moves you to cast your ballot.  And if neither of those actions impels you, then below are five more reasons why it’s imperative that every black person vote on November 6th.


  • People Died for Our Right to Vote Our ancestors shed blood and lost their lives for having the audacity to want to use their voice in regards to political decisions that affected their lives.  Remember the four little black girls who died in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, AL?  They died as a result of our people taking a stand for our rights.  The 16th Street Baptist Church was used as a meeting place for Civil Rights Leaders to gather and devise plans on getting black people registered to vote in addition to solving other issues blacks faced.  Because it was a rallying place for our people, the church was bombed by white supremacists resulting in the death of those four little black girls. The demise of these little girls, though extremely significant, is only a fraction of the lives that were lost as a result of our people fighting for us to have a voice.  If this part of our history doesn’t make you run to the polls every time they are open, you may need to check your gratitude levels.


  • To Exercise Our Right – We are full, tax-paying citizens of the United States of America.  Our ancestors toiled tirelessly in fields building this country. As derivatives of our hard working kindred and as citizens of this country, it is our earned right to be heard.  At one time in this country, we had no say-so in any matters regarding our lives. Our forefathers and mothers fought long and hard for us to have a voice. It’s honorable that we utilize the power they fought so hard to get.  Voting is not only a way of exercising our right; it’s also a way of praising our ancestors’ efforts and ensuring that their hard work is not in vain.


  • We Should Control Our Own Destiny – Our lives depend on whether or not we show up to the polls.  When we don’t vote, we give the “good ole boys” the ultimate control they long to have over our lives.  Not voting grants them ongoing permission to decide which laws we will abide by, the type of healthcare we receive, what opportunities we can have, how the justice system affects us, etc.  If we don’t use our votes to put the politicians in place who have our best interests at heart, then we are basically leaving our destiny in the enemy’s hands.


  • To Show We Are Equal – Every ethnicity may not be on the same playing field when it comes to opportunities, education, or finances.  However, when it comes to voting – we are all equal. Our votes have no color or economic status. Our vote is just as efficacious as a homeless person’s vote or an affluent politician’s vote.     


  • Set Examples for the Youth – It’s vital that we lead by example and show our children that their voice matters when it comes to their well-being.  They must know that they are not obligated to live in a world where decisions are made without their consent. We should teach them change is possible through activism and utilizing their right to vote.  If we can’t think of any other reason to vote, our children’s future should be enough.


It’s a fact that the voting system was not constructed with black people in mind, but when we refuse to be silenced and show up in droves every time the polls open, we will make an impact.  Do your part on November 6th by running to the polls and casting your vote.  Our lives depend on it.


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