NOLA educator says stop playing games with our children!

Lee Green, Head of School at Andrew H. Wilson, is an honest straight shooter. He’s a true educator who has adults walking around saying, “I remember Mr. Green. He was a great teacher.” Green is a tenured and experienced teacher of over twenty years and a great citizen of our beloved New Orleans. He gave to young minds before Katrina and has weathered the storm to remain a fixture in the future of our young children to come. Mr. Green has traveled the world, authored books, and developed other great educators as well.

It was with great appreciation that I was able to receive a few significant words from such an individual with so much vast knowledge to share. Mr. Green usually says, “I don’t do adults.” What he really means is he doesn’t get into the back and forth that at times comes from having conversations with other grown folks. His “I don’t do adults” is deeply rooted in him using his time progressively to move the educational outcomes of his students consistently forward. Mr. Green is intentional about educating children and no excuses from parents, fellow educators or administrators will deter that.

“The number one variable in schools are teachers”

Mr. Green is confident and convinced that teachers teaching students and getting back to the basics is the game plan and should be the strategy moving forward in a city that has the most charter schools. Mr. Green exclaims, “With the budget out there the focus has to be on how do educators put things together for our children and make sure these kids get the best. “Somebody has to teach.”

“The most important people are the students”

As a parent who advocates for better education this is about kids to me and it’s should be to you as well. If you’re in the sphere of education for anything else, you should get out now. If personally you feel you’re scared or not dedicated, then say it and bow out gracefully.

“Stop playing games with our children. You know how I feel about that,” a statement centered around the state of charter schools in New Orleans by Mr. Green.

Chris Stewart of the Wayfinder Foundation recent statement about the New Orleans school system is honest and true, “It’s gonna get messy.”

Which means we need all hands on deck to transform these children’s lives and to transform a school system. Yes, the children are the most important people in the school building and our efforts should and must be focused on them. As educators, you all must carry the same sentiments and vigor to transform our children with you everyday.  As parents we should be your allies, but also let you know that anything less than complete commitment is unnecessary and won’t be tolerated. What is the state of charter schools in New Orleans? It’s still a work in progress and I’ll keep you posted!


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