Congratulations to Washington Elementary Teacher of the Year! Melissa Bagneris

I was recently honored by my peers with the highest recognition of my 11 year career so far. I was nominated and voted by my faculty and staff as the winner of the 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year for my elementary school in Jefferson Parish, Washington Elementary.

They say do what you love and you’ll never truly work a day in your life and though I couldn’t love what I get to do in life more than I love teaching my students…it’s a whole lot of work. As a single mom, and a Kindergarten teacher, I am no stranger to “thankless” jobs with incomparable rewards, but to have the people around you take notice, and take the time to stop and lift you up in recognition that what you do with passion and purpose is having a significant impact…there is no greater feeling!

I get to encourage, and empower our babies at their foundation as well as help build their character. I am a part of a faculty and a community in Kenner that over the past decade have become my true family and friends, and I cry every year at the fifth grade graduation when I watch class after class of my former Kindergarteners leave my school and go out to face the world. I am still in shock and surprised by this honor, but mostly I am humbled and so incredibly grateful to do this work that I love and will continue to give it everything I have, because I was called to do so.


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