Don’t Invoke Martin Luther King Jr. While Advocating For Things He Would Stand Against

Monday was the day we, as a nation, observe the birthday of Civil Rights Icon Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was born on January 15, 1929). It was also the day lots of white people with selective memories shapeshift like Decepticons into progressive, social justice allies. History, their voting patterns, and their comment sections indicate that they probably loved the good Reverend Doctor then about as much as they love Colin Kaepernick… Read More

Surviving: Our Girls Are Depending On Us

My beautiful daughter is ten years old. She is amazing, a track star and honor roll student. She does competition cheerleading and cheers at her school. She is popular at school and a class ambassador. As her father, I have enjoyed many dates with her where I treat her the same way I envision a decent young man treating her eventually in life. She binge watches Nailed It on Netflix, still looks… Read More

It’s Time to #MuteRKelly Once and for All

The first week of 2019 offered us an informative and nauseating—yet necessary— docuseries on Robert Sylvester-the-child-molester Kelly, better known publicly as musician R. Kelly. Rumors about Kelly’s predilection towards teenage girls were confirmed, and allegations of his constant, consistent abuse of women were laid bare. For most people familiar with the self-proclaimed “pied piper of R&B,” the doc uncovered nothing new. Kelly’s career has been haunted by his predatory perversions since the… Read More