Black Teachers Offer Our Black Children Something Others Can’t: Empathy

I don’t have an overwhelming need to surround my kids with people who look just like them. I believe that kids should be familiar with all types of people, customs, and cultures. Children’s perceptions of other people and cultures should not be solely from the outside, but rather from an intimate, familiar perspective from relationships and exposure. While the above is true of all children, I believe that exposure of black children… Read More


  “If a rising tide lifts all boats then Black women are the wave.” Have you wanted to work on a campaign but didn’t know where to start? Run for office but didn’t know the first step? Then this training is for you! Citizen SHE United, along with the Democratic Training Committee, is bringing Black Women’s Campaign School to New Orleans on Saturday, March 16, 2019! This event will be held from… Read More

Black 6th-Grader Arrested After Refusing to Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in School

The criminalization of Black kids in schools continues with a new disturbing story coming out of Florida. A middle school student there was recently arrested in a “disturbance” resulting from his refusal to stand for the pledge of allegiance. On February 4th, the 11-year-old student refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance at his school, Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida. When substitute teacher Ana Alvarez tried demanding that the student,… Read More

Ayo Scott on Art as Education

Ayo Scott is a New Orleans painter who can teach us all something about the importance of connection, community and art as education. I first met Ayo at a community paint day at Xavier University. The room was crowded and bustling with art amateurs of all ages who had come to participate in a painting event sponsored by the Young Artist Movement, Arts Council New Orleans and Jean Lafitte National Historical Park… Read More

Black History Month Local Spotlight: Tenisha Stevens

Black Education for New Orleans Community Launch

Black Education For New Orleans (BE NOLA) was founded for and by Black New Orleanians to support Black educators and Black-governed, Black-led schools in New Orleans to enhance the opportunity for a quality education for New Orleans’ children. Their Executive Director, Adrinda Kelly, is a proud New Orleans Public Schools graduate who knows firsthand the impact of Black educators who are respected and supported to do their best work; she is supported by… Read More

Black History Month Spotlight: Rosa Parks

Why GOP Supporters Should Fear Me

I speak three different languages and I was culturally competent before I even knew the terminology for that skill. I have a Juris Doctorate, lived and traveled abroad for nearly three years, and have worked in immigrants’ rights as well other forms of civil rights. Yet, I am the “brown grandbaby” that Tom Brokaw, in his appearance on Meet the Press, said GOP supporters fear. I am the result of the “intermarriage… Read More