The College Admissions Scandal Shows Just How Unequal Our System of Education Really Is

Throughout life as an African-American woman, I haven’t found myself the beneficiary of privilege. I am forced by society to work twice as hard as my white counterparts. In educational and work environments I am underestimated and assumed to have little knowledge. Constantly, I uplift myself to persevere and to surpass the commonly held beliefs of White Supremacy. In high school, I viewed my applications to college and the SAT and ACT… Read More

When They Call You a N***er

Despite the fact that they’ve benefitted from white supremacy and systemic racism for the past 400 years, navigating through life with the assistance of privilege and power, white people are STILL MAD about Black people who dare to walk around freely existing as human beings in this country. STILL. How do we know they’re mad? They demonstrate it daily when they choose to take on the behavior of their forefathers and call… Read More

Party with a Purpose

This past weekend I attended the UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball. As most of you know, “The UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball is one of New Orleans’ signature fundraising galas and premier social events of the year. Hosted by a diverse group of corporate sponsors and individuals, it involves celebrities, dignitaries, civic leaders, volunteers, public officials, alumni and others who support UNCF’s mission of investing in America’s future by getting students to and through… Read More

Wealthy Parents Implicated in College Admissions Scandal

By Andrew Pillow In news that will likely shock no one, some wealthy parents have been using their money to game the college admission process. The FBI has charged around 50 people in connection with one of the biggest college admission scams ever prosecuted. This all started when the FBI caught the ring-leader of the scam, William Singer, and convinced him to flip on his former clients. The scam worked like this:… Read More

Why I Love Being a Black Woman

Black women are the earth you live on yet destroy, the god you revere yet crucify, and the organic food you need yet shun….and still we rise. We have the ability to adjust and adapt to any circumstance whether good or bad.  We make the grim trials of life we endure look easy, even though the mental and emotional remnants of our scars feel like a ton of bricks fixated on our… Read More

A New Meaning to “White Lies”

Hard truth: lying is a part of being human. Big lies, small lies, lies of commission and omission; If there is one thing you can count on human beings to do at least once in their lives, it’s lie. Whether it be a lie to spare someone’s feelings, like the ones you tell at office pot lucks (You know damn well you’re not gonna try Brenda’s nasty looking crockpot surprise, so telling… Read More