Why I Love Being a Black Woman

Black women are the earth you live on yet destroy, the god you revere yet crucify, and the organic food you need yet shun….and still we rise.

We have the ability to adjust and adapt to any circumstance whether good or bad.  We make the grim trials of life we endure look easy, even though the mental and emotional remnants of our scars feel like a ton of bricks fixated on our shoulders.  We bounce back like rubber bands albeit being stretched far beyond our limits – a little bent out of shape, yet still full of elasticity and purpose. We are wise beyond what anyone can ever imagine, and it has nothing to do with books – but everything to do with our harsh yet gratifying lessons that come from simply being alive.

Black women are the most innovative creatures on the planet.  Give us a child, and we will present the world with a talented and brilliant adult.  Give us a potato, and we will give you a feast. Give us an inch of hair, and we will give you the most creative and elaborate up-do you’ve ever laid eyes on leaving many to wonder, “how she do that?”  Play us a song, and we will mold the beat with the movement of our hips. Give us some bad news, and we will grieve deeply…..storing the pain in the hidden pockets of our soul while still managing to smile, move gracefully through life, hold our heads high, and cling tight to hope and a prayer.  Give us a bitter life, and we will come out with a song and a story to tell that will bless multitudes. Give us time, and we will show you just how resilient our youthful glow is.

Like Salt-N-Pepa brashly rapped, “every curve on our body has a story to tell.”  Every stretch mark, every blemish, and every incision carved on our physique are windows to life, passages to secrets never told, and insecurities turned into triumphs.  Our love is enduring, impenetrable, and persistent. It never dies. We never die. And this, is why I love being a black woman.


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