Organization Spotlight: Daughter of the King

We’ve been hearing it everywhere, from the United Nations to The New York Times: When we support the growth and empowerment of women and girls, we raise the quality of life for everyone.

This is because when women lead they not only lead businesses, they lead in their community, they fight for their children, and they give voice to issues that are important to our collective future — like education and health care. Makes sense to me. But how do we get there? I am honored to launch “Daughter Of The King Mentoring Academy & After School Program” an organization going in at the ground level and supporting girls and young women in under-served communities through the practice of mentoring.

The gap in time between the ringing of the last school bell and when parents arrive home from work has long been a concern of families, law enforcement and community members due to the potential dangers and risky behaviors that take place after school.

More than 15 million students— including 3.7 million middle schoolers are alone and unsupervised between 3 and 6 p.m., the peak hours for juvenile crime and experimentation with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and sex. The hours after school when children are on their own are not just a time of risks, it is also a time of lost opportunities to help students grow and develop the skills and competencies to make positive life decisions that can lead to their future success.

Strong support and guidance are critical to high schoolers during a life stage that shapes their trajectory into college, career and beyond. After- school programs are an environment where students can go to feel safe and find staff and mentors who they trust. They also offer a space where students can express their creativity, find their voice, learn how to deal with challenging situations, and better understand how the choices they make will impact their lives and the lives of those around them. Access to after- school programs can help keep high school girls safe, keep them engaged in learning, and help them take advantage of their full potential as they navigate school, peers and their surroundings.

Our DOTK House has been created to enhance the development of young girls and provide a forum to expose them to the benefits and the importance of positive self love, value, image, responsible personal conduct, respect for self and others via educational achievement, cultural enrichment and mentoring. The girls will receive snacks daily & a hot meal. The young girls have access to free hygiene, a food pantry & gently used clothing from our DOTK Closet. For more info please visit

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