I Just Found Out Millions of Children Are Being Denied Access to an Education And I Helped Do Something About It

Much to my surprise, I recently learned that even though Internet providers have signed the FCC’s Keep Americans Connected Pledge, promising to provide internet to low-income families, there are still millions being rejected from these free internet offers. 

Why do you ask? 

Well, because they might have prior debts or have applied for service before all of this hit, and because our country has centuries-worth of history connected to ignoring those most in need, namely people of color and those who are categorized as low socioeconomic status (aka the poor). (If you need further proof, check out the 1619 Podcast which outlines how the enslavement of Africans in this country built the fabric and structures of these United States, which are designed to benefit very few of us.)

This pandemic continues to highlight deeply embedded inequities in our society that have previously been ignored by the general public and our leaders, and not having access to education is one of these inequities. 

Children being denied access to education is a civil rights issue, but what can you do about it? Sign this petition, as I did. 

If you’re ready to support you can visit this link to read more, share it with your friends, make a donation, and spread the word. As the writers of the petition state, “Millions of families across the country who are facing the most economic hardship are being rejected from these free internet offers. We all need to come together to bridge the digital divide, and corporations should not be allowed to block access to the schoolhouse door in pursuit of profit.”

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