The Future of Education: How to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

Last week our Louisiana government officials announced that the likelihood of students returning back to school this school year was unlikely. I immediately felt for the parents and teachers who are struggling through this time with school work from schools as well as the task of working from home. Though it is without a doubt the best choice made in order to keep us all safe, the realistic demands of what it looks like for children to be home for the next four months are tough. 

Here are a few tips for parents to help prepare you function a little bit better all while facing the realities of what is ahead this upcoming school year. 


  1. Creating a Schedule: I am almost sure that summer camp will not be an option so the first thing you want to get around to is creating a schedule. Children may not love school but they love structure. And this does not have to be such a rigid thing. Plan your days around when you can give them time to support their studies as well as your own work demands. Now this may mean you needing to wake up earlier to have a few hours of silence but trust me, it is worth it. You will not be able to run an operation just like school and you don’t have to try. Do the best you can with school demands and do not be afraid to say, “I need help” to your school provider. 
  2. Virtual Learning: This practice may become a part of your child’s life. If possible, when you can, please invest in a computer. Even if/when our students are able to go back to school, online assignments will still be given. 
  3. Prepare for Learning Gaps: There will be gaps in learning. Remember students are missing one on one instruction especially the little ones. Grades K-3 spend much time teaching the foundational skills that need to be taught in order for students to do more complex learning. During the summer, utilize the free resources to help support your child. I have some on my page. If you aren’t into looking online, do the basics. Reading, writing, multiplication facts. You can even add arts and crafts. The local dollar stores have small canvases and water paint. There are also puzzles. Kids like those. Even the big ones. 
  4. Parental Involvement: More parental involvement will be needed more than ever when school returns. Proper planning will be a must. As soon as the school calendar becomes available, you want to make arrangements to be present at all school events.  


  1. Summer Professional Development: Please, please, please professionally develop yourselves to use technology as you continue on. If in the event, resources become available for students to have one to one computer access, you want to be prepared. You do have some time to accept the new normal, but not too much. There are some schools who are requesting teaching samples via Zoom. Learn to use technology to work with you and not against you. 
  2. Prepare for Learning Gaps: Just as parents should prepare for learning gaps remember they are headed your way to fix them in no time. Prepare for remediation. Create your scope and sequence for those gaps. Familiarize yourself with previous grade level standards for coherence and utilize the Louisiana Department of Education website for resources when planning. 
  3. Parental Involvement System: You have some time to get creative with this one. Think of times, events, opportunities for you to create an automatic system of parental involvement. Weave it into your plans for the year. 

That’s all for now my friends. If you need help with any of these parts, parents or teachers, I am here.


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